Mount Mount the cable tie block

Assembly instruction: Mounting instruction of a 90x90cm DIY-240W-KIT

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working time

5 min.





1 Prepare material

1x Slot nut M4
1x Screw M4x10
2x Kabelbinder
1x Cable tie block

2 Insert slot nuts

Insert the M4 slot nut into the profile at the point marked orange. The following steps explain how you can insert the sliding block into the profile from above.
Press the slot nut sideward into the profile.
After inserting, please tilt the slot nut in the right position like shown on the photo.
Insert a small screw driver into the slot nut. Please be carefully, don't damage the thread!
Now turn the screw driver carefully so that the slot nut turn upwards inside the profile.

3 Mount Mount the cable tie block

Screw the cable tie block onto the profile using the M4x10 screw.
Thread the cable ties through the cable tie block.
Fix the cable on the block and tighten the cable ties.
Shorten the cable ties with a wire cutter.

Mount the cable tie blocks in the places marked on the photo.

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