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June ’24 | UPDATE: Alphagrow® SQX320W RED - 3500K+660nm
In stock now. Dispatched the next working day at the latest.
June ’24 | Stradella 16 - LM301B EVO
New LED modules for the Stradella 16 optics are now available due to high demand. Currently available in the light colors 3000K (LT-6697), 3500K (LT-6698), 4000K (LT-6699), and 5700K (LT-6700).
June ’24 | Alphagrow® SQX320W RED - 3500K+660nm
The Alphagrow® family is being expanded to include the dimmable SQX320W series. The 560 LEDs achieve 849µMol/S and a CRI of 95. With an area of ​​48x48cm, the SQX320W is suitable for spaces of 60x60 - 100x100cm. Pre-order now - delivery starts on June 17th, 2024.
May. ’24 | Summersale 2024
SUMMER DEAL: Everyone is waiting for it and as a small compensation for the extended processing times in May, we are launching the Summer Sale 2024 TODAY. Simply enter the voucher code “SUMMER2024”, which is valid for orders over €200, in the checkout.
Mar. ’24 | UPDATE - Grow-Lights
At present we have an increased quantity of orders. Some grow-lights already have lead times but don’t worry about that. We complete all orders in CHRONOLOGICAL order and missing parts are already in production. To place your order LATER maybe the wrong decission because it will be HANDLE & SHIPPED later, too. Questions regarding availability only by email, thanks.
Mar. ’24 | Federal council voting CanG
Federal council voting cleared the way: The Cannabis-Law (CanG) can get valid from 1st of April 2024. Be faster than the big rush: Save YOUR grow-light now!
Dec. ’23 | Merry Christmas / Stock Check
We wish all customers a Merry Christmas and a safe transition into 2024. You can also reach us between the holidays via support@led-tech.de. Goods will be dispatched until Dec. 22nd 2022 and then again from Dec 29th 2023 due to inventory.
Oct ’23 | Chili Grow 2023
We are starting Chili Grow 2023, which we want to document even better for you with photos and for the first time with videos. Now in the forum and on YouTube.
Oct ’23 | 50cm Plug&DuoBoost
New 2-channel horticulture boosters are now available from stock in 450+660nm (LT-6591), 660+730nm (LT-6592) and 660+660nm versions (LT-6593). As always, desired equipment is possible on request.
Oct ’23 | SYSTEM Hinge
Now available from stock: SYSTEM hinge kit. Available as a single hinge (LT-6594) or as a set consisting of a hinge, four screws and four slot nuts (LT-6595).
Aug ’23 | Alphagrow® 240W
New pre-assembled 240W Alphagrow® lights are now available. The LED modules are simply attached to the frame and connected to the power supply using the connecting cables. Completely soldering and screwing-free - READY TO GROW!
July ’23 | LIGHTNING Basic 320W
The popular basic series is being expanded to include the 320W models. Five different light colors are now available from stock. There is a suitable spectrum for every plant lover.
July '23 | SUMMERDEAL 2023 - 10% discount
From now on there is an automatic 10% discount on every order via our online shop.
June '23 | 21x Samsung COMPACT & DIY CoverLine micro lightbar
The popular 21x Samsung modules are now also available in a COMPACT version with a length of 15 cm as a single module and as a DIY kit (micro-lightbar).
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