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Jul ’20 | 50cm alu stripe with 98x LM301H and LM301H ONE LEDs
The 50cm alu strips with 98x SAMSUNG LM301 LEDs are now also available with the LM301H (LT-4715) and LM301H ONE (LT-4716).
Jul ’20 | Luminus XBT/SST-10 UV LEDs
The Luminus UV LEDs of the XBT and SST-10 series are now available from stock on various pcbs. The wavelength of the LEDs is between 275nm - 405nm depending on the version.
Jul ’20 | DIY-240W-KITs
The DIY 240W KITs make every grower's heart beat faster! Two highly efficient ZEUS XT boards are ideal for indoor grow areas for plants with strong to very strong light requirements. The detailed online assembly instructions will help you step by step when assembling the kit.
Jul ’20 | ELG-150-C series
The 700mA, 2100mA and 2800mA power supplies of the ELG-150-C series are now available from stock in the AB version. Further versions can be requested from our support.
Jul ’20 | 75x Samsung LM301B 50cm stripes
Our new 75x Samsung LM301B 50cm strips are now available in many light colors at the SUMMERDEAL price. Max. 5A with a forward voltage of max. 9V are ideal for realizing larger applications through series connection.
Jul ’20 | summer deal 2020
Only this summer! Square 50 and 50cm MIXED stripes on special offer.
Jul ’20 | Square 50 re-release
The popular Square 50 boards are now available again in the light colors 2700K, 3500K, 4000K and 5700K. Detailed measurement results of the LEDs are contained in the SYSTEM Live Configurator.
Jul ’20 | Osram Square hyper-red 660nm generation 4
The fourth generation of the Osram Square in hyper-red 660nm (max. 1400mA) is now available from stock assembled on 16mm, 20mm, plug&light stars and SYSTEM slider pcbs.
Jul ’20 | VAT cut to 16%
From 01.07.20 the new VAT rate of 16% applies. We pass this tax benefit on to our customers! For the time of the VAT reduction you will see new, unusual but CHEAPER prices in our shop. If you have any questions, please contact our service.
Jun ’20 | Performance update: 21x Samsung stripes
All 21x Samsung strip pcbs have received a performance update and are now listed in the SYSTEM Live Configurator with the most common values for constant current modules (350mA, 700mA, 1050mA and 1400mA).
Jun ’20 | 21x Samsung stripes with LM301 LEDs
The popular 21x Samsung stripe pcbs are now available with LM301H LEDs in 3500K and LM301H ONE in 3500K. 2200K and 5700K versions of the module are also available now, assambled with Samsung LM301B LEDs.
Jun ’20 | ZEUS 308 XT with LM301H ONE
The ZEUS 308 XT and the SYSTEM BUNDLE with the LM301H ONE LEDs in 3500K are now available from stock. 3.10µMol and up to 248.18 lm/W set new standards for efficient projects in the field of plant breeding.
May ’20 | SYSTEM box for Wago 221
Our especially for the popular WAGO connection terminal made SYSTEM-Box is now available. 2 or 3 of the double / triple or quintuple terminals fits in the box. The boxes can be easily mounted on any of our SYSTEM profiles.
Apr. ’20 | 50cm Alustripe with 98x Samsung LM301B LEDs CRI90
The 50cm aluminum strips with connectors and assembled with Samsung LM301B LEDs are now available in the light colors 2700K, 4000K and 6500K with CRI 90.
Mar. ’20 | SYSTEM Bundle Quick-Carts
Three new SYSTEM Bundle Quick-Carts are now available. With just one click all of the individual items contained in a quick-cart can be added to your shopping cart, where they remain fully editable.
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