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Jan ’22 | ZEUS LIGHTNING Basic EVO 240W
The popular Samsung LM301H EVO is now available in LIGHTNING Basic style at an absolute top price of 269.00 € (RRP: 389.00 €). The ZEUS LIGHTNING Basic EVO 240W combines the best of the light colors 3500K, 4000K, 660nm and 730nm to create an optimal spectrum for plant growing.
Dec. ’21 | Merry Christmas / Stock Check
We wish all customers a merry christmas and a save step to 2022. Our service is available via email (support@led-tech.de) throughout the holidays too. Commercial shipments will restart on 30th of December 2021..
Nov ’21 | advent calendar
This year we have prepared an advent calendar with 24 surprises for you. Every day around 12 pm one campaign is replaced by the next one, so that everyone has the chance to take advantage of an offer for 24 hours, spread over two days.
Nov ’21 | Winter Sale - 98x stripes LM301B 3500K
The ZEUS 308 XT equipped with the Samsung LM301B in the light color 3500K are now available as a single board, in a BUNDLE with a frame and in the DIY-KITs reduced by 10€ per board.
Nov ’21 | Winter Sale - 98x stripes LM301B 3500K
The 50cm aluminum strips with 98x Samsung LM301B LEDs 3500k and sockets are now available as a winter promotion from € 15.90 / module.
Sep ’21 | ZEUS LIGHTNING Basic RED 240W
Due to the high demand our PROMO campaign is entering the next round. The LIGHTNING Basic RED 240W is now available from stock. Optimally through the flowering phase with additional 660nm Osram Square LEDs of the fourth generation.
Aug ’21 | ZEUS LIGHTNING Basic 240W
The new ready-to-plug-in ZEUS LIGHTNING Basic 240W luminaire is now available at the unbeatable promotional price of € 199.00 (RRP € 299.00).
Aug ’21 | ALPHA Grow 2640 DIY
The DIY flagship from LED-TECH.DE with 2640 LEDs and up to 2.625 µmol/s for optimal yields on an area of 120x120cm - 150x150cm. Now available from stock. Special configurations available on request.
Aug ’21 | Butterfly X-Upgrade
The booster series for the SYSTEM150 butterfly modules is here. The X-Upgrade modules can be easily adapted to the butterfly circuit boards in order to adapt the spectrum individually to the needs. Special equipment possible on request.
Aug ’21 | UV modules
Various UV modules are now available.
Aug ’21 | LIGHTNING M DIM 240W
The LIGHTNING M are now available as a 240W version with dimming function in 3500K. Other light colors follow.
Aug ’21 | Samsung LM281B+ PRO 3500K
The Samsung LM281B + PRO LEDs are now available from stock in 3500K on the popular 50cm strip boards (LT-5739), the ZEUS 300 XT MIXED boards (LT-5741) and as a DIY 240W KIT (LT-5742).
Jul ’21 | DIY-480W-KITs
The DIY 480W KITs make every grower's heart beat faster! Four highly efficient ZEUS XT boards are ideal for indoor grow areas for plants with strong to very strong light requirements. The detailed online assembly instructions will help you step by step when assembling the kit.
Jun. ’21 | SYSTEM 2-Channel calanceregler/dimmer
The SYSTEM 2-channel balance controller/dimmer is ideal for tunable white applications for controlling the modules via a single constant current power supply unit with up to 100V.
Jun. ’21 | ZEUS 616 XT Duo - 2-Channel
The ZEUS 616 XT Duo series combines the performance of two XT modules on the area of a single board. There are two separately controllable channels with 308 LEDs each. Adapt the spectrum individually to your needs.
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