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Jun. ’21 | SYSTEM 2-Channel calanceregler/dimmer
The SYSTEM 2-channel balance controller/dimmer is ideal for tunable white applications for controlling the modules via a single constant current power supply unit with up to 100V.
Jun. ’21 | ZEUS 616 XT Duo - 2-Channel
The ZEUS 616 XT Duo series combines the performance of two XT modules on the area of a single board. There are two separately controllable channels with 308 LEDs each. Adapt the spectrum individually to your needs.
Jun. ’21 | 50cm Stripes with 84x Samsung LM301 LEDs (2x 42)
More 2-channel LED modules, each with 42 LEDs per channel, of the popular Samsung LM301 LEDs are now available in the versions 2700-6500K and 3500-6500K. Further variations are possible on request.
Jun. ’21 | 50cm Stripes with 196x Samsung LM301 LEDs (2x 98)
The new 2-channel LED modules with Samsung LM301 LEDs (3500K and 6500K) are now in stock. Further variants will follow. As always, customized items are available on request.
Jun. ’21 | PPFD-Heatmaps
We are now offering the frequently requested PPFD heat maps for our products. These are available for download on the article page and in the product image gallery. For further information please click here: NEWS.
Apr '21 | Luminus XST UV series with 275-285nm
New UV LEDs with 275-285nm from Luminus are now available from stock.
Apr '21 | Bridgelux Thrive 4000K/5700K
The popular 50cm aluminum strips are now also available with the Bridgelux Thrive in 4000K (LT-5555) and 5700K (LT-5556). All data on the respective spectra are available in the SYSTEM Live-Configurator.
Apr '21 | ZEUS 326 XT TW3!
Next generation of the ZEUS XT series. Build your spectrum! Maximum flexibility through five separately controllable channels! Different versions available from stock.
Apr '21 | First longboards on LED-TECH.DE
Finally! The first LONGBOARDS are out of our production and deliverable now. The 98cm Longboards with up to 110W LED-Power are assembled with 144x Samsung LM301H ONE + 12x LM351H (660nm) + 12x LM351H (730nm).
Mar. ’21 | SYSTEM MIXED Slider LM301B/H + LH351H
The new SYSTEM MIXED sliders are now available from stock. 16x Samsung LM301B/H LEDs combined with a high-power LED from the Samsung LH351H series. Different combinations available. Custom configurations available on request.
Mar. ’21 | Availability Samsung LM301B/H 3500K
The delivery of the Smasung LM301B/H (3500k) has arrived. Order and stock backlogs will be produced immediately.
Mar. ’21 | SYSTEM150 butterfly with 144x LM301 LEDs
The new SYSTEM150 butterfly modules with 144x Samsung LM301 LEDs can now be pre-ordered. The spectrum can be individually adjusted using the 7x SYSTEM sliders. Delivery will start in mid-March 2021.
Feb. ’21 | Bridgelux Thrice full spectrum
Our new 50cm Bridgelux Thrive full spectrum LED strips in 3500K are now available from stock. The Bridgelux Thrive LEDs have a spectrum similar to sunlight with a CRI of typ. 97.
Feb. ’21 | SYSTEM slider - 5x/7x
New 5x and 7x SYSTEM-Slider modules are now available from stock with CREE XP, Osram Oslon SSL/Square or Luminus XBT/SST series. Special assembly possible on request.
Jan. ’21 | Photon 93 PLUS - 4 channel alustripe
The new 4-channel strip board Photon 93 PLUS is now available from stock. The 50cm long aluminum board is assambled with 75x 3500K LEDs of the LM301B series and LEDs of the LH351D series. 6 LEDs each wavelengths of 451nm, 660nm and 730nm. Each light color can be controlled individually. Special assambled pcbs possible on request.
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