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Apr. ’19 | 50cm Alu PCB with 98x LM301B LEDs and connectors
The new 50cm aluminum strips are now available from stock in the light color 3500K (LT-4015). Up to 9981 lumens, all 14 LEDs can be shortened. Up to 215lm / W are possible.
Apr. ’19 | MeanWell ELG-240-42-AB-3Y
The MeanWell Power supply ELG-240-42-AB-3Y is now availble from stock. Up to two ZEUS XTs can be operated with this power supply and dimmed externally with the dimmer LT-3317.
Apr. ’19 | Hexagon screwdriver with ball joint from Wera
Hexagon screwdriver with ball joint from Wera are now available from stock in 1,5mm (LT-3975), 2mm (LT-3928), 2,5mm (LT-3974), 3mm (LT-3929), 4mm (LT-3930) and 5mm (LT-3931).
Apr. ’19 | Compact 12V Power supply
New compact 12V power supplies with 5.0A (LT3941) and 8.4A (LT-3942) are now available from stock.
Mar. ’19 | 10% discount on all items
Untill 2nd of april we offer 10% discount on the WHOLE cart value and ADDITIONALLY to the Daytrade offers!
Mar. ’19 | 4x CREE XM-L Color on 44mm round pcb
The new 44mm round pcb assambled with 4x CREE XM-L Color are now available from stock.
Mar. ’19 | SYSTEM250 Plug&Grow V2
NEW: The new version of the popular Plug&Grow modules are now available from stock. The performance of the module speaks for itself. Lower power consumption (-15%) with significantly better performance (+ 27% μmol/s, + 30% lumen and + 24% radiant power).
Mar. ’19 | Luxeon REBEL Lime
Luxeon REBEL in the light color lime (566-569nm) as emitter (LT-3956) and on 10x10 pcb (LT-3978) are now available from stock.
Mar. ’19 | SYSTEM250 color modules
The new addition to the SYSTEM product family are now available from stock. Assembled with OSRAM High-Power LEDs in Hyper-Red (LT-3959 / LT-3960), Far-Red (LT-3962 / LT-3963) and Deep-Blue (LT-3965 / LT-3966). Optimal in combination with our ZEUS series.
Feb. ’19 | SYSTEM Frame KIT 1540x1500
We now offer a new frame kit for SYSTEM modules that can be assembled with up to 15 ZEUS XT Boards you like.
Feb. ’19 | 6x Samsung LM301B octagon pcbs
Now available from stock: 6x Samsung LM301B LEDs on octagon board with M3 drill hole for easy mounting on the SYSTEM profiles. Available in the shades of white of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K
Feb. ’19 | NEXTEC LED spot GU10 1050lm
Now available from stock: 11W NEXTEC LED Spot (GU10) with 1050 lumen in warm white.
Feb. ’19 | MeanWell HLG-320H-C2800B
MeanWell's HLG-320H-C2800B constant current power supply with 2.8A at 57-114V is now available from stock.
Jan. ’19 | EcoFlex500 IP67
Now available from stock: the new EcoFlex500 flex stripes in warm white (LT-3913), neutral white (LT-3914) and cool white (LT-3915) with IP67 (including mounting set).
Jan. ’19 | 3x CREE XP on 20mm star
20mm Star board with 3 individually controllable CREE XP LEDs in 5500K (LT-3911) and RGB (LT-3912) are now available from stock.

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