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Jan. ’20 | EcoFlex500 Flexband in 2100K and 2700K
New EcoFlex500 are now available from stock in the light color warm white with 2100K (LT-4430) and 2700K (LT-4431).
Dez. ’19 | Merry Christmas
We wish all customers a blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2020. We say thank you for the trust you have placed in us.
Dez. ’19 | MeanWell LCM series with integrated Casambi
The MeanWell LCM-40 (LT-4301) and LCM-60 (LT-4302) power supply are now also available as a BLE version with an integrated Casambi bluetooth module.
Dez. ’19 | ZEUS LIGHTNING M 300W plant light
The first ready-to-connect 300W plant light MADE-IN-GERMANY by LED-TECH.DE. Convinced by the usual brute light output of up to 54,940 lumens. Now pre-orderable in the 3500K version (LT-4372).
Dez. ’19 | SYSTEM bundle: 8x ZEUS and 4x ZEUS
New: SYSTEM bundle with 8 ZEUS boards on a 90x117cm frame. Available in the light colors 3500K, 4000K, 5000K as well as XT PLUS in 3500K + 660nm and XT MIXED in 3500K with 660nm. Also available: 4x bundle on a frame 45x117cm.
Nov. ’19 | SYSTEM accessory and MeanWell power supplies
Many new MeanWell power supplies of the ELG, HLG and APV series as well as other SYSTEM accessories for e.g. the dimmer (LT-3317) are now available via the online shop.
Nov. ’19 | NEXTEC 12V modules (chain module)
Many new NEXTEC 12V modules (constant voltage) available in various designs as chain modules from stock. Depending on the version, the number of chain modules varies between 10 and 40 pcs per PU.
Nov ’19 | SYSTEM bundle 3x ZEUS with frame kit 45x90cm
New SYSTEM bundle with 3 ZEUS boards on a 45x90cm frame. Available in the light colors 3500K, 4000K, 5000K as well as XT PLUS in 3500K + 660nm and XT MIXED in 3500K with 660nm are now available from stock. Other light colors available on request.
Nov. ’19 | ZEUS 12 LITE
New additions to the growing the ZEUS family. The ZEUS 12 LITE are now available in various versions from stock. The modules can be implemented in any SYSTEM250 frame and can be operated up to 1A without a passive heat sink. Special assemblies are possible on request.
Nov ’19 | SUMMER DEAL: Buy bundle. frame kit for free
Only this Winter: Buy Bundle, frame kit for free!
Oct. ’19 | NEXTEC 12V modules
New NEXTEC 12V modules (constant voltage) in various differnt versions are now available from stock.
Oct. ’19 | HLG-480H-C2800AB
HLG-480H-C2800AB for applications like 4x ZEUS 308 XT in series with 2800mA constant current is now available from stock.
Okt. ’19 | SNAPPY power supplies
New SNAPPY power supplies (12V and 24V) for constant voltage modules are now available from stock.
Oct. ’19 | SYSTEM bundle ZEUS 300 XT MIXED
The ZEUS 300 XT MIXED 3500k with 660nm are now also available in the SYSTEM bundle versions (2x bundle LT-4270 and LT-4271, 4x bundle LT-4272 and 6x bundle LT-4273).
Oct. ’19 | ZEUS 300 XT MIXED
The new ZEUS 300 XT MIXED boards (1-channel) are distinguished from the already known ZEUS 308 XT PLUS boards (2-channel) by INTEGRATED high-power LEDs. Controllable and dimmable via ONE power supply, 3500K and 660nm (LT-4269) complement each other to an optimal color spectrum. Other color combinations are possible on request.
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