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Jan. ’23 | Alphagrow® GROWRILLA - 5000K
The Alphagrow® GROWRILLA Lights are now also available in the light color 5000K with 320W (LT-6335), 480W (LT-6336) and 600W (LT-6337) for optimal growth results.
Jan. ’23 | Bridgelux F90 in 3000K and 4000K
The COVERLINE profiles expected for February arrived earlier. All Coverline profile lengths and variants as well as the DIY kits that contain the Coverline are now available again from stock.
Jan. ’23 | Starter-KIT CoverLine Lightbar
The DIY Coverline STARTER-KITs will soon be available in different colors with INCLUDING POWER SUPPLY. Pre-order now.
Jan. ’23 | Bridgelux F90 in 3000K and 4000K
The Bridgelux F90 series is now also available in 3000K (LT-5771) and 4000K (LT-5772) on 50cm aluminum strips, each with 98x LEDs.
Jan. ’23 | Smart RGB modules
The MakerTeam.de Smart RGB modules are now also available in our shop.
Jan. ’23 | Alphagrow® GROWRILLA
Addition to the AGL family. The Alphagrow® GROWRILLA Lights are now available as 320W (LT-5947), 480W (LT-5948) and 600W (LT-5949) versions.
Jan. ’23 | TOP-DEAL in january
MeanWell weeks at LED-TECH.DE. Dimmable 320W, 480W and 600W HLG series power supplies greatly reduced. Get it now. Only while supplies last!
Dec. ’22 | Merry Christmas / Stock Check
We wish all customers a Merry Christmas and a safe transition into 2023. You can also reach us between the holidays via support@led-tech.de. Goods will be dispatched until Dec. 23rd 2022 and then again from Dec 29th 2022 due to inventory.
Nov ’22 | LIGHTNING Basic RED 150W
Due to the high demand we decided to launch the LIGHTNING Basic RED 150W. Now available from stock. Optimally through the flowering phase with additional 660nm Osram Square LEDs of the fifth generation.
Oct ’22 | CREE XP-G3 1800K + 7000K
New CREE XP-G3 R3 in 1800K (LT-6278) and S5 in 7000K (LT-6279) are now available from stock.
Oct ’22 | LIGHTNING Basic ONE 3500K
The popular LIGHTNING Basic 240W are now also available in 3500K with the Samsung LM301H ONE LEDs.
Aug ’22 | MEGADEAL - 308 XT 3500K from 49,00€
From now on and as always: only WHILE STOCKS LAST!
Aug ’22 | BASIC L 240W for 60x120cm
The popular BASIC lights are now also available in an elongated arrangement in the light colors 3500K (LT-5917), 3500K+660nm (LT-5918) and 3000/4000K+660/730nm (LT-5919) for areas of 60x120cm.
Aug ’22 | Summerdeal 2022
The summer deal 2022 has started.
Aug ’22 | Restock: LIGHTNING S 150W 3500K
Restock of the popular 150W grow lights. The LIGHTNING S are now available again.
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