Jan. ‘18| The next 200lm/W LED-Module
We are happy to announce the second very efficiant 200lm/W Samsung LED module. After launching the Plug&Light star version (LT-3182) the Plug&Light STRIPE version LT-3184 follows now.
Jan. '18 | New 33W OSRAM Duris E5 LED-Module
The new high performance Plug&Light stripe modules with 70x OSRAM Duris E5 LEDs are now on stock in color temperatures of 2700k (LT-3185), 4000k (LT-3186) and 5500k (LT-3187). 50cm long with up to 4620 lumens and very easy Plug&Light mounting connectivity.
Jan. '18 | Unbelievable: 200lm/W Samsung LED Module
We proudly announce our new 4000k Plug&Light module LT-3182 that offers unequaled opportunities. Assembled with 7x Samsung LEDs and an output of over 200 lumen per watt it is the likely most efficient LED module on the market.
Jan. '18 | 10% Re-Launch Discount
Untill 7th of january we offer 10% discount on the WHOLE cart value and ADDITIONALLY to the Daytrade offers!
Dec. '17 | New Webshop 2018
Welcome to the new online shop 2018 with lots of new products, features and bargains. If you would like to know more about what has been improved and changed please visit our special info page
Dec. '17 | Merry Christmas
We wish all customers and your families a merry christmas and a save step to the next year. If you have any needs: Our team is available between the holidays, too.
Dec. '17 | New Grow Kits for SYSTEM250
SYSTEM250 gets new grow kits in white color: LT-3142 (2700k); LT-3143 (4000k) and LT-3144 (5000k)
Nov. '17 | New OSRAM Oslon SSL80 / SSL120 PCBs
All Osram Oslon SSL80 and SSL120 LEDs are now available on 7x aluminium PCB, too
Nov. '17 | Coverline 50cm
The Coverline V2 aluminium profile is now available in 50cm length
Nov. '17 | Cree XP-G + G3 on micro PCB
The Cree XP-G and G3 is now available in different versions on micro PCB, too

LED-Module Development

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