Apr. ’18 | New >200lm/W Samsung PCBs
The new LINEAR PCBs assembled with Samsung LM301B are available in 3000k (LT-3341), 4000k (LT-3342) and 5000k (LT-3343). With over 200lm/W these PCBs are highly efficient and in reply to the environmental conditions they can be run up to 1000mA without additional cooling.
Apr. ’18 | ZEUS 308 in 3000k
The brutally bright surface array ZEUS 308 is now also available from stock in warm white (3000k) with up to 25.020 Lumen.
Apr. ’18 | Samsung LM301B now in 3000k
The popular Samsung LM301B is now available on our Plug&Light Stars, High-Performance Stripes and the Square 50 boards in warm white (3000k).
Apr. ’18 | Twilight of the gods at LED-TECH.DE
The name reflects the aim! With up to 26.380 lumen our new ZEUS board delivers the highest luminous flux ever. It is also very compact and cascadable. The brutal brightness and efficiency makes it perfect for applications like horticulture and backlighting.
Apr. ’18 | New: SUNLIKE COBs
The Seoul chip-on-board modules of the SUNLIKE series come with a very high CRI. The light spectrum is very similar to the sunlight. Now exclusively at LED-TECH.DE.
Mar. '18 | New 50cm alu stripe with 70 OSRAM Duris E5 LEDs
The new 24V 50cm alu stripe modules with 70x OSRAM Duris E5 LEDs are now on stock in color temperatures of 2700k (LT-3311), 4000k (LT-3312) 5700k (LT-3313) und 6500k (LT-3314). 50cm long and with up to 4500 lumens.
Mar. ’18 | Big Easter EGGtion
From march the 22nd till april the 8th we offer many of our top products at greatly reduced prices.
Mar. ’18 | LUGA Line Modules
New in stock: The LUGA Line modules in LEAF and BLOOM version as well as various accessories (cables, sockets, clips and more)
Mar. '18 | First Anniversary
LED-TECH.DE celebrates its first anniversary at the new location on Thomas-Edison-Street No. 1 in Moers. For this reason we offer 10% on every part on tuesday.
Mar. ’18 | New QUICK-CARTs
This week we introduce 3 new Quick-Carts for Lighting systems: Furniture lighting, 3x XM-L2 U3 Torchlight Kit and 7x XM-L2 U4 Torchlight Kit.

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