Disclaimer: To work on electrical equipment and systems expertise and special training is required. Electrical work must therefore be performed properly and professionally by a qualified electrician. Everyone is responsible for his actions and his mistakes. We assume no liability for damage to property or personal injury directly or indirectly related to the use of the components/assemblies offered on these pages.


Many users always pay a lot of training money, because the carefully planned LED application ends up giving off a different light than was intended / planned. This can have a variety of causes. The most common, in our experience, is the deviation of actual LED characteristics from the data sheet values. Developers and users in many places buy the proverbial cat in a sack, since they can only see and test the true properties in live operation after receiving the LED material. Exactly at this point we hook! In the future, you can avoid "try and error" or "the cat in a sack" by simulating the entire light components in advance via the SLC, based on REAL data. Plan BEFORE using the spectral calculator so you will not be annoyed LATER! It is not only fun and is a great relief in the project planning, but is due to the underlying technology also absolutely reliable and accurate, as calculated only with REAL data and not data sheet values are HIGHLY CALCULATED.
The SLC enables the user to plan a SYSTEM application with one or several (different) SYSTEM LED modules, always displaying the exact light spectrum, the color rendering index (CRI) and the power consumption (watts). Modules can be added and removed at will, until the Spectrum and the CRI meet your personal requirements. The spectral distribution curve is automatically recalculated with each change.​
The SYSTEM is a modular system developed by LED-TECH.DE optoelectronics GmbH and consists essentially of aluminum construction profiles that form the supporting frame or body. In addition, there are a variety of suitable LED modules. These are available in uni-colors or in special wavelengths for a wide variety of applications (eg plant breeding, aquariums). The user has the unique opportunity to use the construction profiles to influence the shape and distribution of the SYSTEM light frames as well as to achieve brightness and spectrum through individual interaction of the modules.​
We have done a veritable plethora of measurements and can therefore confirm that the SYSTEM Live Configurator +/- 0.2 per thousand has always come to the same result as our calibrated light metering laboratory, set up and calibrated by the market leader INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS, where we previously had it on screen reassembled system LED modules.​
The SYSTEM uses only SPEAKING names and product names. LED modules of the SYSTEM150 are therefore 150mm or 15cm long, whereas the SYSTEM250 is 250mm or 25cm. In this way, you can already calculate the later size of the aluminum frame at the NAME of the LED modules that are of interest to you. Only when energizing is it important to consider whether it concerns modules for constant VOLTAGE or constant CURRENT. However, you can easily refer to the item description. If you have any questions, please contact our support.​
Each wavelength of light is assigned a particular spectral color. So is 660nm for example red light. White light, on the other hand, is composed of many spectral colors. Each light source has its own spectral radiation distribution. With LED modules, you can achieve very accurate results by a good choice of the LED. This results in the SYSTEM LED modules. The Live Configurator shows you in detail where the peaks are in the spectral distribution and how the entire spectrum of the module is composed. Depending on the purpose you need a special spectrum.​
The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of a photometric quantity that describes the quality of the color rendering of light sources of the same correlated color temperature. The color rendering index is designed so that the test light source is spectrally measured and all further steps are carried out by purely numerical methods. According to CIE 13.2, the standard color values of the test colors for the reference and reference light source are determined. These are then transformed into UCS coordinates. Example: Fluorescent lamp CRI 70 typ. (Bad), SYSTEM LED module CRI 90 typ. (Very good).​
The Watt is the unit of measurement used in the International System of Units (SI) for power (energy expenditure per period of time) and was named after James Watt. As a unit character, the capital letter W is used. The power consumption given in the SLC is given in watts and determined by the formula Volt x Ampere = Watt.​

Sample configurations


The LED-TECH.DE Lighting-SYSTEM is probably the most flexible lighting system on the market for plant breeding, aquariums, backlighting and various other areas. Thanks to the precise calculations of the spectral calculator below you get an exact idea of the light spectrum and many other technical features. Configure your favorite light right here and know what you get -> BEFORE you place an order! Only possible at LED-TECH.DE!


The Lighting SYSTEM offers infinite possibilities of combination. Once acquired components (frames, modules, etc.) can be reused which minimizes the budget costs. The SYSTEM modules can be used as desired in one color or in combination for the realization of special spectra. This is how your personal SYSTEM lighting (tailored to your project) is created step by step.


With over 26,000 lumens the 308 modules are the current flagship of the SYSTEM family. The SYSTEM modules are beyond any doubt in terms of performance, efficiency and color fidelity. Due to the modular structure you are always up to date and also able to respond to other requirements (spectrum, brightness, CRI) by changing the module combination.

A New Era!

There has never been such a comprehensive and flexible LED system whose modular design allows the user to influence the nanometer range. With the SYSTEM products from LED-TECH.DE, you not only invest in light sources, but in particular in reusability, modularity and cost-efficiency.

SYSTEM Booster - Additional Spectral Power!

Some SYSTEM-modules have the suffix "booster". These booster modules have been developed especially for achieving specific spectra and are optional add-on modules for a SYSTEM lighting frame. For example a 308 board with more than 26,000 lumens will be the basic lighting for your project and complemented by various booster spectrally-technically until the desired spectrum is reached.


The 25cm long SYSTEM250 LED modules convince above all with one thing: High performance! Homogeneous LED light with exact spectral properties can only be found here.



The 15cm long LED modules of the SYSTEM150 are virtually the little brother of the SYSTEM250 but also efficient and no less precise.


Profiles & Equipment

The LED-TECH.DE lighting system consists essentially of square aluminum construktion profiles which are available as ready-made sets for SYSTEM150 and SYSTEM250 but also as single components. Configure your own personal lighting frame. SYSTEM150 and SYSTEM250 LED modules can run alone or in mixed mode. Borders are limited only by your own imagination!

In addition we offer a full range of useful equipment such as rope suspensions, protective covers and of course an extensive spare parts service.


Power Supplies

Another important and very complex topic is the right choice of power supplies to ensure long-term safe and efficient operation. The possible wattages are as different as the applications of our customers themselves. Therefore we recommend a non-binding consultation with our support. We are happy to advise you on the right power supply.