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LED-TECH.DE optoelectronics GmbH ...


... has been established on 11/08/2001 by the present director Stefan Lenz (26) with its origin name Candela-Lights® LED-Technologies and has become one of the most competent drop-in centre for LED effects and solutions within a very short time. Because of big empirical values with optoelectronical components as well as long range, international contacts you can still see our company on the top.

... enlarges forsightly the offered product range by LED clusters, outdoor, industrie and effects lighting solutions in the same year. Equipped with this well-assorted product range and distributor network the companys efficiency has been boosted.


... expands the product range at the end of the year by christmas lighting solutions for the first time. Companys and privat customers were happy about energy saving christmas lighting. Candela-Lights® helps encreasing trust into LEDs and adjusted the first technic helpline regarding all questions around the world of LEDs.


... launches the LED-TECH.DE online shop successfully on the 24th of November 2003. At this time nobody would have ever thought that LED-TECH.DE once would be the eponym for the whole company. To grand optimal support to the customer LED-TECH.DE also launches the first 7-day-service which is available at any time.

... enlarges its product range by many helpful development tools and focusses on more specific target groups. In june we launched high efficiency products for most effective illumination as well as classic types for cost-performance applications. This way SMD LEDs, through hole LEDs and special parts had been thinned out. The better transparency for the customer has been kept till today. Many customer like the specialism on high power products of leading manufacturers and resulting homogeneous quality. Since november Candela-Lights® offers its well chosen products exclusivly on LED-TECH.DE as its global distribution portal. Because of its easy handling, the transparent conception and the multilingual part descriptions the shop soon had some of the best stand alone features.


... cognized in the middle of 2004 that the growing sale of illuminants over the internet and the enormously growing number of self-appointed speciality retailers that sell the goods on online auctionary platforms at a loss. Because of the market rush with such cheap components LED-TECH.DE decides break up with low cost and low budget components. LED-TECH.de is soon known as one of the best contact points for ultrabright components and high-end parts through out Europe because the mentioned technical values are right and not pimped. This status has been held up to new by new orientation an the market, knowing the goods perfectly and choice of the best partners and distributors on the market. LED-TECH.DE also launches its first support forum www.LedStyles.de which is a great help in case of optoelectronic questions and problems.


... upgrades the unique technical standart of the internet shop more and more. The next step are interactive solutions based on physikal laws. We also launched a new support chat which laterly found many imitators.

... accomplishes the trademark registration of Candela-Lights® as an official brand and opens the first B2B/B2C settlement in Moers/Eick with included showroom specialized on customer services. Customer from all over Germany now have the possibility to speak with specialists and to see the product live. The electronic shop with over 600 optoelectronic parts and many sample applications offers a full range of possibilities and useable information to the customer. The media call us a "modern company with the courage to light".

... offers since september a special service in addition to the already well selected light emitting diodes comming from the manufacturers. This \"LED classification service\" for own or third party products can do a lot of advances measurements: - Radiant- (W/sr) and light intensity (cd)
- Peak, dominat and stress wavelength (nm)
- half-power bandwidth (nm)
- color coordinates (x/y) and purity (%)
- correlated color temperature (K)
- Forward voltage (V)
- Reverse current (A)
Light emitting diodes selected this way comply with highest claims to homogenity and quality of all parts of industry and research.

... offers product based workshops around all LED topics since october. The extremply bright Luxeon plug & light kits (1W/3W) found their way to the product range too. We developed and produced our own LED applications from this time.

... arranges in november the „Look and Win“ competition in collaboration with the newspaper NRZ.

... included support for the english speaking customers into LedStyles.de. We now deliver to over 30 countries.


... doubles its manpower after a very successful year 2005 to advance internal and field services. We thank all customers using our consultant service so intensivly.

... implements the new product category LED controlling. Long years experiance and knowledge are combined in these products. Customers now have the unique possibility to buy powerful (RGBW) 3 and 4channel controllers with over 100W switching capacity. Optional wireless controlling, individual color fadings, bus system and pc connectivity as well as the variety of products made the new product category well known within a very short time. Still growing with innovative additional products.

... launches the new LED-TECH.DE 2006 shop in march. The enlarged B2B area with interactive inventory control soon got many friends. LED-TECH.De offers more safety, transparency, flexibility and exact conclusions to the customers. We also embedded the Luxeon high power sector supported by the information portal Lumiled.de. The brand new K2 from Lumileds has been promoted and tested. To help customers developing their own applications we also launched a download area for information, tools and software around the optoelectronic world. Download number soon force their own server.

... welcomes forum user no 1.000. This makes LedStyles.de the biggest european LED community.

... takes the 10W LED technics into the shop in august. Neccessary cooling, including aqua cooling, as well as innovative heat management are main requirements.

... celebrates the 5th anniversary of the company and product line Candela-Lights® in november. We now deliver to over 50 countries.


... starts linking part descriptions with LedStyles daily posts in february and develops a completely new help possibility because the linked sites are always filtered to a special content -> the part itself.

... launches the new gift coupon system in march. The new coupons are transferable for the first time and rest money gets saved to the accounts and can be used later so customers do not have to use all credits in one buy.

... responses to the growing high power market by taking the Luxeon Rebel into standart program in may. PCB versions and special optics follow immediately. To run LED applications safely and correctly demands special technics and devices. Because of the markets low spoil of such devices we easily decided to develop those on our own. The MultLine series came to life and is still a successful product line.

... releases the flash based SlotMachine which is a nice and funny forum gimmick that give a code to the users every 10 posts they write. Through this machine and its adapted mini shop users can get LED, resistors and many other things for FREE to get more practice with the components. The competence of the users grew a lot in the past which is a great sucess for us.

... gets structured in a new way. More than 1.000 different stock parts get new part categories. Searching and finding a parts becomes easier and quicker. The name of the product categories are easy to learn and self-explanatory.

... develops the new CUBE PCBs especially for the LedStyles community in november. Users can build 3D objects with lighting LEDs. The positive feedback was enormous and not much later many videos of funny application could be found on video sites on the web.

... becomes an official World Vision partner in december. The fund-raising campaign EVERY POST COUNTS was a great success. We credited every post the users wrote. We also went to bigger business room in december with over 600qm² now. A few days later the new main department of LED-TECH.DE opens its doors. New menbers boost our team.


... starts the LedStyles L!VE campaign in january with innovative LED kits. The main focus is to give more practice to the users and to show what is possible with LEDs.

... launches the unique daytrade on the shops homepage in february. The daytrade shows bargains in form of stock exchange prices. They are changing every minute so that the user can decide the exact moment to buy. We also released a new CUBE PCB the so called TRIPLEX circuit board that offers new possibilities in building more complex objects.

... offers CREE UV parts in april and implement a new professional board into the LedStyles community. Users are happy about better handling and the new features.

... is the first shop to offer the brand new CREE R2 in may. We also decided to cancel all shipping costs for orders within Germany not depending on the ordering value.

... starts the (so far) biggest PDF database for optoelectronic devices of different manufacturers in may.The database contains over 1.000 PDFs. The also new picture galery enables the users to link their own fotos to their posts and their personal profile.

... is the first shop that establishes the 4.2W CREE High Power BULB version for replacing common bulbs in june.

... is happy to see that LedStyles became no 1 LED forum in july. We thank all users to make this happen.

... engages its first trainee in august and offers CREE high power LEDs for less than 2,- Euros for the first time.

... is the first shop to offer the new CREE MC-E in september. PCB versions follow not much later.

... plays a part in a special LED broadcast of WDR. LedStyles also breaks the 100.000 post frontier. We celebrate this memorable occasion with the first LedStyles merchandize part the well known Frosted Cup.

... gets it new measurement laboratory on october-november. The market leader Instrument Systems establishes a complete new high-end laboratory with only the best equipment in our company. It is one of only three laboratories in germany and one of only 10 in the worls. The high quality goniophotometer and the giant 1m Ulbricht integrating sphere enables us to do almost all measurement with lowest possible tolerances in future.

... celebrates the 5th anniversary of the LED-TECH.DE webshop on…. We now deliver to over 70 countries. The first department in Moers/Eick gets closed and fully implemented into the new main department Moers/Hülsdonk to shorten lead time and to bundel competences.

... becomes and official partner of the WWF in december and run a successful fund-raising campaign on LedSytles again. New LedStyles record attendance: 526 simultaneous users.


... enlarges the almost 1.500 stock parts by new 3.000 special parts in january. These parts are got their own category.

... is the first shop that implement the chip on board (COB) technic. >From january till march many different new products appeared.

... starts the CHARITY 2009 campaign on LedStyles in february. Now every posts gets credited the whole year 2009. The total summary will be transmitted to a foundation that the users choose.

... is the first shop that offers the Avago Moonstone. We also offer new exclusive LED profiles and optics in march.

... enlarges the Samsung product family with new mid power modules with IP class in april.

... established a complete new product category with alphanumeric, 7 segment and dtomatrix displays in may. Many custom project appear. New LedStyles record attendance: 1274 simultaneous users.

... buys a Ford Mustang GT 4.6l V8 in june. The cars gets pimped and upgraded with tuning and LED parts exclusively on LedStyles.

... expands very fast till july and soon the new 600qm² main department gets too tight so we decided to take another 200qm² near the administration building. We also had the little problem that the internet shop LED-TECH.DE became much more famous than the original companies name Candela-Lights®. Because of this fact we decided to take LED-TECH.DE as the one and only name for our company and business in future. Candela-Lights® is still an aktive trademark.

... launches the new and very efficiant BUCK drivers (step-down converters) in august.

... announces CREE as the new official technical partner and sponsor of www.LedStyles.de and starts the CREE Illumination Contest 2009 (CIC) in august.

... expands its product range by unrivaled cheap 2.5W COB modules in september. This is the first time that COB modules get offered for under 3,- Euros.

... announces the new in-house S-Line PCB family in october. The PCBs are based on the well known Samsung multichip mid power SMDs. Further products based on Cree MC-E RGBW, XP-G and XP-E as well as optics follow in october, too.

... extends the sales staff to minimize response time on customer requests. LED-TECH also launches the new 3/4channel RGB(W) MultiLine controller in november. A whole range of new products arround 3/4channel technics comes to life.

... is the first shop that offers the Cree XP-G in top rank R5 on mini PCB in december. The LedStyles.de community reached new record high with over 180.000 posts.


... appoints new additional stock staff in january to handle offers even more faster. The LedStyles.de Charity-Award-2009 reaches 1.000,- Euro donations that we gave to the earthquake victims of Haiti!

... expands its new exhibition center in february.

... appoints new staff for science and development in march and begins to support the Help-for-Moldavia project which is a beneficial project of local public figures to help this officially poored country on earth.

... launches its first own energy drink called L.E.D. (LED-TECH.DE Energy Drink) in april. The designer box become a treasured collectors item very fast.

... appoints a new trainee for stock and shipping department in june. LED-TECH.DE also opens its finished Lighting Application Center (LAC) for B2B and B2C customers to show them what is possible with LED technics. Over 200qm² of exhibition and 1024 channels of DMX effects. Come and visit us!

...starts selling Cree LMR4 modules with new TrueWhite color and enormous light output in june.

... extends its product range by SST-50 and SST-90 series of Luminus in juli. The new SnyJet cooler with inovative mebrane cooling system also go online.

... appoints new administration staff in august and offers the first PCB for 7x Cree XP-Gs incl. optics.

... also launches a ceramic PCB for the Cree XP-G in september.

... is the first shop that offers the Cree MX-3 in october.

... places a lot of new optics for different Cree type on the market.

... puts new micro star PCBs for Cree LEDs on the market. The LED-TECH.DE homepage also has to move to a bigger server with higher performance because of increasing errors because of non accessibility.


... appoints new sales staff in january. The charity award 2010 donates with 1000,- Euros again. The LedStyles users decided to split the money for different project which have been chosen by majoritarian voting.

... expants its exhibition again.

... offers the new Cree XP-G R5 in second level design PCB solution since february.

... is converted to a Limited Liability Company (GmbH) in March under the direction of Stefan Lenz (36). The staff is adopted completely and further personnel for technic and development is hired.

... supports since march World Vision Projects as well as the local "Help for Copceac" Moldawia Project. The donations help building schools and humanitarian help in the officially poorest country in Europe.

... offers the new DekoLine PCBs in july. The LED light for everybody: Cheap, long lifetime and ultrabright!

... offers the new LG retrofit illuminants since august. The LG bulbs are one of a kind in color temperature and brightness.

... launches from september to october a large number of new Cree PCB solutions and expands the Lighting Application Canter (LAC) Moers again.

... celebrates the 10th company anniversary. New aluminium profiles and IP67 constant current power supplies from 350 up to 1750mA come online.

... takes over the Dotlight Küppers and Lanzrath GbR (www.dotlight.de). About 30.000 additional customers will now be supported and processed by the LED-TECH.DE main department in Moers to benefit from the new holders technical and logistical expertises. The Dotlight lighting solutions will also be integrated into the Lighting Application Center (LAC) Moers. Come and visit us!


... achieves great success with the Charity 2011 campain. The benefit amounts get splittet first time to reach more than one recipiant this year.

... arranges a new Cree power sale in january with over 600 popular LED types of the manufacturer.

... extends the retrofit product range in february.

... launches the first Cree XB-D PCB products in march.

... announces its self developed high performance copper-core PCB with 7x Cree XM-L LEDs in april.

... is mentioned as the MADE-IN-GERMANY developing partner for LED lighting solutions in the „Property Counselor” magazine in march. The lighting application center (LAC) helps business and private users to get familiar with the latest technic

... offers the new in-house development DMX-to-PMW receiver in may. This little power package can switch up to 360W and offers features that formerly only much more cost intensive products did.

... reaches 300.000 threads on LedStyles.de and enlarges the retrofit product range in june.

... is the first online shop that offers the new Cree XP-G S2 in different second level designs in july.

... welcomes the new trading trainee in august and starts the popular free shipment campaign.

... launches another 100% in-house development: The new mini DMX transmitter & receiver. This little device is not only able to receive DMX signals, it can also send them. The further unique features made it an insider tip for all DMX users very fast.

... cooperates with MTS (MyTinySun) since october and offers their very powerful and compact driver PCBs. Those additionally upgradable constant current drivers are from very high quality. The same are the new OSRAM products that also enlarge our product range from now on.

... completes the current product range with new coolers, special drivers and optics.

... expands the lighting application center Moers (LAC).


... is glad to help actually four welfare groups with the receipts of the Charity 2012 campain this year. The retrofit product range gets expanded, the showroom updated. First exhibition appearance. Bridgelux becomes new manufacturer in the portfolio.

... launches many new LED modules based on CREE and OSRAM within february till may.

... establishes the new SQUARE modules with Osram Duris E5 LEDs as a successor and ammendment of the star PCB design in june.

... expands continuously the equipment sector for MidPower and HighPower applications in july.

... sets the new production line for SMD PCBs in service in october. The facility with several ultra-modern assembly robots made by the well known manufacturer ESSEMTEC (Switzerland) multiples the previous production capacity and sets new benchmarks in quality, accuracy and reliability. New large-scale productions of own and customer products are beginning. The perfect assembly and the seal of quality MADE IN GERMANY are finding everyones favour.

... welcomes the 30.000 forum user. With over 300.000 threads LedStyles is furthermore the major LED forum in Europe.

... celebrates the 10th anniversary of the LED-TECH.DE webshop on 11/24/2013 and delivers to over 80 countries till now.

... offers many new own products in november and december like the SUN21 modules and various (DMX-) controllers.


... supports caricatural welfare groups with proceeds from the charity action 2013 this year. The SQUARE100 PCB comes in revised, improved and brighter version V2.0.

... presents in february the new premium buck driver developed in cooperation with MTS (MyTinySun). A very powerful and multifunctional driver.

... introduces the new remote phosphor technology as well as a range of new LED special solutions for growing and aquarium applications from march till june.

... starts the Seoul Semiconductor Illumination Contest (SSIC) in june. Seoul is besides Cree now also technical development partner and sponsor, too.

... intensifies the LED growing applications since july by using the new Cree PHOTO RED chips (amongst others) with special wavelenght.

... solves one of the many lighting problems of shop- and booth builders in august. The new only 5mm wide, very homogeneous and bright SLIM PCBs can be used in almost every ambit.

... enlarges the product range in september by new 2600 lumen MidPower stripes assembled with 252x SMDs. In addition with coverline profiles these PCBs are a very efficiant alternative to common neon lighting.

... puts the new laser site into operation in november. LED-TECH is now able to offer 100% perfect shape cuttet and/or engraved items as well as any kind of custom labeling. The laser can handle acrylic, paper, wood, glass, lether and many more recources.


... establishes a new SSL security certificate in february to assure the highest standart of data security and privacy. New MADE-IN-GERAMNY 50cm stripes for only 7.90€ are launched, too.

... introduces its first self developed grow module for plant lighting in march. The new PCB is assembled with a very special choice of LEDs. Laboratory tests confirm a very good growing behaviour because of the wavelength.

... responds to many customer requests for wire mountings in april. The new mounting sets are useable with any aluminium profile with T-slot on the back side.

... launches the new Nichia mini square PCB in june. With only 1x1cm it is one of the smallest PCBs ever and amazing 60 lumen strong. The price is below 1,- Euro for the first time ever.

... puts the new 3D printer into operation in july. In addition the laser device prototyping becomes much more versatile.

... launches from august to november a new generation of aluminium core PCBs that are also available with SSC LEDs with a CRI of 90+.


... offers since january new UV LED solutions based on the new SSC VIOSYS UV-LEDs. High performance.

... introduces the new ring light PCBs with massive aluminium core in february. The PCBs are thermal effective with intelligent circurity and multifunctional usability.

... uses also OSRAM LEDs for the high perfomance LED stripes. This causes a minimum light output of 480 lm at only 3W.

... answers questions of the International Chamber of Business and Commerce magazine „Thema Wirtschaft“ regarding the state of innovation in the province (april).

... surprises in may with the new 36 channel DMX receiver. It offers very high switching power, high number of ports, multifunctional (onboard) driving modes and an (almost) unlimited number of series connections to reach any number of channel the user need for his project. Ideal for DMX, in-mood, color-changing, aqua and other application with a high number of channel and switching power.

... start to built the new headquarter building on the new real estate in Moers in june.

... brings new black coated/anodized aluminium coolers and profile in july: The BLACK EDITION.

... offers beginning from August a lot of new horticulture grow modules. Available in different versions, spectrums and wattages for at least every point of use.

... celebrates the 15th company anniversary in november and delivers to over 90 countries all over the world.


... announces the first Plug&Grow horticulture lamp generation for ambitioned plant breeders: 100% MADE-IN-GERMANY.

... moves in march to the new finished headquater in Moers. Customers and providers will now find LED-TECH.DE at the memorable address THOMAS-EDISON-STREET 1.

... expands the product ranges in june by plug and play versions of the well known star PCBs: The so called Plug&Lights star PCBs with connectors.

... is proud to announce that the first SYRIAN refugee is getting part of the LED-TECH.DE family and starts his 3.5year lasting training to become a electronic technician.

... comes up with the new SYSTEM250 in september. SYSTEM250 in an innovative illumination concept for easily designing own modular LED lighting solutions for almost every field of application. The modular construction system is very easy to use, to adapt it to the own needs and to install.

... announces V-TAC and NEXTEC as new own-brands for B2B and B2C LED products in october.

... goes online with the new responsive webshop 2018 in december. The new platform offers a better visibility and support to the user as well as more information and the highest safety level.


... establishes the RELEASE-DAY in january. New products appear weekly on valuation date.

... is the first provider of new unequaled opportunities by passing the 200lm/W border with the new in-house developed Samsung LED modules in january. A new peak level of energy efficiency is reached.

... expands the function volume of the online shop with the technical in-house development DAYTRADE-INFO. Customers do not miss any offer anymore. Absolutely individual and precise.

... launches the in-house development Quick-Carts in january. An exclusive comfort tool with predefined shopping carts. These are sorted by scope of application. Quick-Carts provide excitatory ideas and an enormous saving of time during the shopping process as well as the guaranty that all parts are complementary to each other and complete.

... introduces the up to now smallest PCB series ever: UltraSlim! Assembled with 70x Osram Duris LEDs on only 3mm width and 50cm length these PCBs are incomparably bright, homogeneous, efficient and durable.

... launches further >200lm/W LED modules in february. LED-TECH.DE becomes distributor for MERRYTEK power supplies.

... offers weekly new Quick-Carts since february which are subject to different scopes of application and complements the modular conception SYSTEM250 by new SYSTEM150 modules in february. Users can now plan and realize own illumination concepts much easier and individual.

... presents the new cascadable and devisable Samsung Backlight PCBs. Our self-developed PCB with up to 3100lm from the surface of a DIN-A4 sheet.

... presents new PCB products based on the Samsung LH351D in march. Driveable up to 3A.

... includes the new LUGA Line COB modules into stock program in march as well as fitting accessories.

... become SUNLIKE COB distributor in april.

... delivers the new 308 PCBs in April. The most powerful board ever provides with over 26.000 lumen the highest luminous flux ever. The brutal brightness and efficiency makes it perfect for all horticulture and backlighting applications.

... presents the outstanding project planning tool SYSTEM Live-Configurator (SLC) in may. The in-house development bases on real data and allows to influence even the nanometer range of the later LED application. The online tool shows on updated spectral distribution after each change as well as many other data. The LED-TECH.DE Lighting SYSTEM is the most flexible illumination system on the market for horticulture, aqua, backlighting and many other points of use. It is economical, highly efficient and allows unconditionally reusability of all components with gapless supply of spare parts at the same time.

... offers the brand new SYSTEM150 Aqua Booster as well as numerous new boards for the CREE XP.

... launches the new flagship 308 XT in July and is now available between 08:00 and 18:00 oclock thanks to new service times.

... expands contact options in August with the new Support Chat. Customers now have the option to log into Support Chat with their Facebook account and make inquiries. Reinforces the team with two new trainees in the field of warehouse logistics.

... launch the new SYSTEM Slider Modules in September. Thanks to special thermal pads the modules can be moved and readjusted as required without damaging the printed circuit boards.

... the new aluminum strips with 98x SAMSUNG LM301B LEDs deliver up to 9900 lumens per 50cm module and put everything that's been there so far in the shade. The range of equipment is extended by various heatsinks, power supplies and optics.

... offers due to the repeated requests of its customers suitable heatsinks for the 308 XT in November.

... extends the range of SYSTEM frame kits with a 90x90cm frame for up to 6 308 XT boards in December.


... extends its product range by aquarium PCBs with 6500K SAMSUNG LM301B LEDs in january.

... launched the new octagon boards with 3mm M3 center hole in february. A perfect system enhancement for medium sized projects.

... updated in march the support forum www.LedStyles.de to the latest safety and multimedia standarts.

... launched in march the SYSTEM250 Plug&Grow V2 modules. The latest addition to the SYSTEM family sets new standards15% lower power consumption (-15%) and significantly better performance (+ 27% μmol/s, + 30% lumen and + 24% radiant power).

... has set up its new headquarters in 2017 in the Grafschafter Technologiepark Moers. The Rheinische Post has introduced leading companies in the context of the modern technologies specialized documentary series "Silicon Moers" in april.

... launches the Hexagon 3 boards assambled with 3 Osram Ostar Stage RGBW LEDs in May.

... introduces the Hexagon 1 boards and expands the SYSTEM250 in June with new bundles and various SYSTEM accessories.

... presents to the public in July THE NEXT GENERATION of the boards, the 308 XT boards, which do not need any cooling at all. The in-house developments PETUNIA Multicolor and new SYSTEM250 Horticulture Multicolor modules are also available by now.

... offers new SYSTEM250 kits with 98x Samsung LM301B LEDs, new horticulture products based on OSRAM high-power LEDs and the latest in-house developments Stradelle 28 and Stradella 160 in August.

... delivers SYSTEM250 kits with CREE Photo-Red LEDs for the first time in September.

... expands the product range in October with the new 300XT MIXED boards (1 channel). No more cooling required.

... will supplement its core competency with in-house cable assembly in November. Projects can now be implemented quickly and more customer-specifically. The new 12 LITE modules based on High-Power LEDs appear in various new versions. No more cooling required.

... is launching the first in-house lighting series LIGHTING in December. The ready-to-connect design lights work on the basis of the extremely powerful boards (> 25000 lm) and are available in numerous versions. The program is part of the SYSTEM250 from LED-TECH.DE and impresses with its flexibility and lots of accessories.


... expands the LIGHTNING series with the LIGHTNING M BLACK EDITION in January. More than 750µMol/s and over 25,000 lumens ensure optimal plant growth.

... starts the in-house 3D printer farm in February and offers a variety of its own (accessory) products MADE-IN-GERMANY as well as 3D contract printing, celebrates the 12th birthday of the popular day trade and brings the LIGHTNING S with 150W in two versions as dimmable and full-power lights online.

... manufacturing and delivering medical supplies in March due to the CORONA crisis. For this purpose the entire 3D production will be converted to the production of new Face Protection Shields (FPS) which will from now on be issued free of charge to all system-relevant points.

... expand the 3D print farm in April and double the number of 3D printers in order to meet the gigantic demand for system-relevant places for protective articles during the CORONA crisis. The Rheinische Post reported (https://oled-tech.de/files/205/SKM_C25820040812510.pdf).

... expanded in may by another production line in order to be able to serve customers quickly and flexibly as usual.

... the product portfolio in June expand with the Samsung LM301H ONE series. The 308 XT boards and SYSTEM bundle are now available with the new high-performance LED.

... starts in july with the Assembly instructions for the DO-IT-YOURSELF-area. The assembly instructions are very easy to understand, illustrated step-by-step manuals, with which even inexperienced users can successfully reach their goal. The latest generation of Osram Square Hyper-Red is now available on many boards. In addition, the popular Square 50 modules are available again from stock and the product range has been expanded to include new 50cm modules with 75x Samsung high-performance LEDs. The summer deal starts with changing offers and the VAT reduction from 19% to 16% is passed on to the customer. Unusual but cheaper prices can be seen in the shop for the time of the tax reduction.

... to be continued!

News & Trends

Above mentioned year dates just rawly adumbrate our background. A detailled description (since 07/2006) with all new products can be found at our newspage.

Further fields of activity

Encouragement and public relations

LED-TECH.DE is involved in different worldwide benefit projects. Especially LedStyles and its partners, users and sponsors help to make the campaigns become a success. We do not pretent a special target foundation. The partners vote. The CHARITY action is the first not time-constrained campaign and is active the whole year. New users are always welcome!

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Company philosophy

LED-TECH.DE always extends its product assortment and supports many academies, univercities and other public facilities in whole Europe that are engaged in researching and using semiconductor components. Your request is welcome!

''The customer doesn't need products ... he wants solutions!''

We help you understanding the fast developing LED branch. We inform where others sell, we plan new project where others already regulate conversions. Individual solutions are our daily business.

long range service

Beside standart commerce we offer competent information and help to the customer choosing and using the right LED for his application. We have a background with a large assortment of products and high quality manufacturers that can reach any possible demand regarding quality, lifetime, cheap prices and delivery reliability. We also have the possibily to cross parts to maybe cheaper or alternative manufacturers.

Initiative of integration

The acceptance of our society and a quick start into working environment are the main requirements to integrate refugees successfully here in Germany. In collaboration with the Federal Labour Office and the International Chamber of Industry and Commerce we offer the possibilities either of an internship for job-related orientation or an approved training in many different professions. The first Syrian refugee began his training in august 2017 to become an electrician for devices and systems. The newspaper Rheinische Post indicated.

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Juli 2020