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Alphagrow®     flexament®     MAKERTEAM®    

Are registered (international) trademarks of

LED-TECH.DE optoelectronics GmbH
Thomas-Edison-Straße 1
D-47445 Moers

Phone: (+49) 2841 / 97 91 7-0
Fax: (+49) 2841 / 97 91 7-29
E-Mail: support@led-tech.de

Director: Hr. Stefan Lenz
HRB: 10767 Amtsgericht Kleve

The use of the aforementioned brand names for the identification and advertising of the brand owner's goods and services (e.g. for the purpose of resale), which the same has placed on the market under the corresponding brand (so-called "exhaustion"), is permitted .

Any other use of the above Brand names (e.g. for your own products, reports, advertising, etc.) require our prior express written approval. Please contact our support for this.