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[UPDATE - 16.05.2024]

Something else POSITIVE:

EASY ROLLS 2.0 in stock: Today we received new alternative rope tensioners to the Garden HighPro hangers, the so-called Easy Rolls. In principle, they work like the dining table lamp suspensions familiar from childhood, which you can simply pull down or push up and they automatically stay at the desired height. Definitely nice things and well made. Many people swear by it and even find it better than the ProHanger. Feel free to take a look at them: LT-6690 Easy Rolls 2.0 ( Set of 2)

(FYI) Garden HighPro ProHanger: Prev. Back in stock 06/2024. But we can't say anything more precise. More here as soon as it arrives.

(FYI) Board Material: On the way. More here as soon as we know more.

Please always note: The processing and delivery time is still approx. 10 working days, also for stock items, as the order situation remains high.

Thanks for your understanding!

[UPDATE - 08.05.2024]


The 326 XT TW3 boards in the "Chillwelten Edition" (LT-6668) are back in stock. As always, of course: only while stocks last.

LT-6668 - 326 XT TW3 Chillwelten Edition - H ONE | 3000K/4000K | 730nm | 630+660nm | 450nm

Please always note: The processing and delivery time is currently approx. 10 working days, even for stock items(!), as the order situation remains high.

Thank you for your understanding!

[UPDATE - 07.05.2024]

Dear customers,

Although new material is constantly being ordered and is also on the way, you have ordered much more than we ever thought. On the one hand, this is gratifying, on the other hand, it is regrettable, as we are now temporarily running out of material in some places. Until new boards arrive (currently around the beginning/middle of June), the following items are unfortunately out of stock:

DIY-240W-KITs, DIY-480W-KITs + LIGHTNING Basic with 308 XT modules

DIY-240W-KITs, DIY-480W-KITs + LIGHTNING Basic with 300 XT MIXED modules

But no worry: All orders received up to NOW (07.05.24 / 10:00h) can still be served and delivered using existing material. However, since we first have to BUILD the lights for you, the known delivery time of approx. 10 working days still applies until your grow light arrives checked and tested. When it is shipped, you will receive an automatic email from our system with a tracking number.

Important: You can still place (pre-)orders. THIS is the ONLY way you can secure a fixed production slot. We process all orders CHRONOLOGICALLY as soon as material has arrived. Of course, you can switch to other products that may be available at the time or cancel at any time, but (important!) this will result in the loss of the allocated production slot. New orders will then end up at the end of the waiting list...

When out-of-stock items are available again, we will put them online with COUNTER IF STOCK IS LIMITED, so that you can see exactly how many copies you can order at most. If no counter is visible, the item is still in stock in normal retail quantities.

[UPDATE - 06.05.2024]

Dear customers,

The initially delayed boards have arrived, have been checked and are now approved for production. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the manufacturers' promises, so delivery promises are not (always) kept. We can therefore only thank you again and again for your understanding with the current volume of orders.

Another positive thing to report is the fact that other alternatives to the Garden HighPro trailers have been found and ordered. The first quantities are on the way. More here as soon as they arrive.

SOCIAL CLUBS please assume delivery times of mid/end of JUNE for larger quantities from now on.

Some of you have probably already noticed that we have been sending service emails with delivery time information for orders of the current day for some time now, so that you are always informed about the current capacity utilization. Of course, these are always approximate figures, as sometimes material arrives late, etc. We would therefore ask you to always check your SPAM folder, as we keep getting inquiries about the order status even though the information email has been sent. Thank you!

[UPDATE – April 26, 2024]

Dear customers,

New boards arrived earlier than expected and are already being populated. We are confident that we will be able to ship many orders earlier than initially stated. You will receive automatic information from the warehouse upon shipment.

Due to current events, we ask all SOCIAL CLUBS to place their orders EARLY. The large-scale production slots for MAI are slowly becoming scarce and delivery times of several weeks must otherwise be expected.

[UPDATE – 24.04.2024]

Dear customers,

Due to the constantly high demand, we unfortunately have to increase the general delivery time to approx. 2 weeks . This is due, on the one hand, to the order quantity and, on the other hand, to the availability/delivery time of some individual components. It happens, for example, that circuit boards get stuck at customs, wrong LEDs are delivered, etc.

The normal madness. But we won't give up and will process your orders. In any case, it is important to us that you know. Whenever possible, we will keep you updated here or by email!

[UPDATE – 19.04.2024]

Dear customers,

First the most important thing: The current delivery time of approx. 1 week for new orders remains the same for the time being, as the order intake is constantly high. All orders will continue to be processed chronologically. Please note that any cancellations and subsequent new orders will result in them being placed at the end of the chronological sequence, which may increase waiting times. We work on all fronts to source and produce the goods for you.

Attention – Garden Highpro ProHanger: Unfortunately currently completely out of stock. New incoming (approx. mid-June).
LT-3638 Garden Highpro Prohanger soldout
LT-3693 Garden Highpro Prohanger XL soldout

DIY-Kits (240W/480W) & Alphagrow-Lights: Due to the unavailability of the ProHangers included in these sets, we had to (temporarily) remove them from the scope of delivery of the aforementioned items, adjusted the item price and placed information boxes for new orders. We will keep you up to date here about the availability of ProHanger or corresponding alternatives.

Note: We still have STOCK of the “XT Plus” and “XT TW3” boards! Orders for these boards are therefore not subject to the risk that the inventory is unexpectedly exhausted during the chronological processing of the orders and has to be re-produced. We have added counters that show you the current remaining stock. As always: If it's gone, then it's gone (for now)... until it's re-produced.

If you would like to check out these alternatives for yourself, you can find out more about the boards using the links below.

320 XT PLUS (2-Channel)
LT-3968 - 320 XT PLUS CRI80 3500K+660nm
LT-3968 - 320 XT PLUS CRI90 3500K+660nm

326 XT TW3 (5-Channel)
LT-5484 - 326 XT TW3 - H ONE | 3500K | 630nm | 660nm | 730nm
LT-5513 - 326 XT TW3 - 3500K | 2700K | 630nm | 660nm | 730nm
LT-6668 - 326 XT TW3 Chillwelten-Edition - H ONE | 3000K/4000K | 730nm | 630+660nm | 450nm soldout
LT-5514 - 326 XT TW3 - 3500K | 3000K | 630nm | 660nm | 730nm soldout
LT-4956 - 326 XT TW3 - 3500K | 3500K | 630nm | 660nm | 730nm soldout

[UPDATE – 11.04.2024]

Dear customers,

first of all: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the high number of orders, the trust in our company and your understanding regarding longer lead times. Our team worked numerously extra shifts even through the easter holidays to meet your demands. Many webshops already do not accept new orders anymore. THIS IS what we want to avoid AT ANY COSTS!

The lead times for many grow-lights are shown in little INFO BOXES on the article pages. We were able to delete many of these boxes today (April 11th) because our production team also ran extra shifts so that many LED-boards are on stock again.

Please calculate with a delivery of about 1 week for new orders anyway because every grow light has to be build and checked before. A complex procedure that needs its time even if the components are on stock.

If something changes AFTER you placed a new order our team will get in touch with you ASAP. On the other hand you get an autom. email from our shipping department when the goods are shipped.

We currently get an unbelievable high amount of emails and requests. So please excuse if we reply with delay sometimes. We try to meet all your wishes and to proceed your order ASAP, too. But we are unfortunately not Amazon…