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Ultrabright LED

Nichia NSPW-300DS

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color white
Outer diameter 3mm
Beam 20°
Unit min. typ. max.
Millicandela 15500mcd 22000mcd
Voltage 3.2V 3.5V
Current 20mA 30mA


The top version with new DS chip !

The NSPW-300DS is the follower of the BS version and comes with a multiple of brightness of the former modell. This is possible because of an advanced chip, new materials and the well known production quality of Nichia products.

These high performance LEDs for highest demands are convincing by features like long lifetime, true colors and processing quality. Perfected manufacturing sequences guarantie a steady top production standart up to the last detail that no second manufacturer provides that way.

Applications with Nichia LEDs maybe more cost intensive than applications with low budget LEDs of course but a lot more reliable and brilliant, too. If it is not a low cost project and your name stands for the quality you are making the best choice with these LEDs.

Regularly released lifetime tables and manifold selection possibilities proof that Nichia is no manufacturer who rounds up datasheet values or delivers bad selected products. With Nichia you pay it safe!

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