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    PWM und Dimmer   >   SYSTEM 2-Channel Balance controller/dimmer for MeanWell power supplies

SYSTEM 2-Channel Balance controller/dimmer for MeanWell power supplies

For all MeanWell AB, B and LCM power supplies

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color black
Height 26mm
Width 71mm
Length 117mm
Dimmable YES
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 100V
Current 14300mA

Product video


This SYSTEM 2-channel balance controller/dimmer is ideal for tunable white applications for controlling the modules via a single constant current power supply unit with up to 100V.

Example application:

The LED-TECH.DE 616 XT Duo boards have two channels with 308 Samsung LM301 LEDs each. You can use a single MeanWell ELG-150-42AB-3Y for each channel with a separate dimmer or just a single power supply with the SYSTEM balance controller.

Connection description:

The dimmer cable is connected via the blue socket labeled +DIM- and can be regulated via the potentiometer labeled DIM.

The first channel of the board is connected via A 1 C, the second channel via A 2 C, where A stands for anode (PLUS), C for cathode (MINUS) and the number 1 or 2 for the respective channel.

For the power supply of the LED modules, two connectors are available on the controller module which are each labeled with -NT+. The connections are parallel, so that both output cables can be connected to e.g. the HLG-600-42AB power supply units. With the ELG-150-42AB-3Y there is only one output cable, which connection socket is used then does not matter.

No soldering is necessary. All connections are made using screw connections.

The current of the power supply unit can then be distributed between the two channels via the potentiometer labeled Balance.

Poti position:

- to the left -> 100% power on channel 1
- Middle position -> 50% on channel 1 | 50% on channel 2
- to the right -> 100% power on channel 2

Performance range (tested):

Series connection: Two LED-TECH.DE XT in series (~ 72-84V | up to 3.5A) *

Parallel connection: Up to 6 LED-TECH.DE XTs in parallel (~ 36-42V up to 14300mA) *

* With a correspondingly lower output per LED module, other configurations are also possible.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact our support.

Assembly instruction


SYSTEM 2-Channel Balance controller/Dimmer for MeanWell 15 min.

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