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Fischer-Elektronik Heat Conductive Glue 10ml

Two-component epoxy-based adhesive.

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The main properties are high thermal conductivity, large electrical resistance.The thermal adhesive glues porous and non-porous surfaces of metals, glass, ceramics and almost all plastics.

Technical specifications

  • solvent-free and thermal conductive two part adhesive
  • epoxy based filled with aluminium oxide
  • composition of hardener and resin (1:1) with statical mixing tube
  • lockability of the container via Luer-Lock System
  • good usage and working properties
  • more package sizes and container types upon request
  • store cool and dry
specific thermal resistance Rth
118°C cm/W
volume resistance
8·1011 Ω/cm
working life at room temperature
approx. 30 min
hardening time
60°C approx. 4 h/25°C approx. 16 h
glue layer
mixture proportion
thermal conductivity
1 W/m·K
temperature range
-50°C... +145°C

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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