Mount brackets

Assembly instruction: Mount brackets


working time

2 min.





1 Preparing the parts each bracket

System profile
1 x 90° Braket
2 x Countersunk screw M5x8
2 x Slot nut M5

2 Place slot nut and mount the bracket

Insert first M5 slut nut approximately 3cm into the notch of the profile.
Place the bracket on the center of the slot nut.
The bracket should have a distance of 2cm to the end of the profile.
Screw the M5 screw into the slot nut. Please don't tighten the screw yet.

3 Mount second profile

Insert the second slot nut into the profile, like shown on the photo.
Turn the profil 90° and place it on the bracket.
Screw the second screw into the slot nut. Take care of concision and right angle. Now tighten the screws.

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