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Part Number: LT-1553   
BUCK Constant Current Power Supply (1000mA, 30V)
High efficiency step down converter with PWM input

Width: 15.0mm
Depth: 34.0mm
Housing Color: black
mA typ.: 1000 mA
V max.: 30 V
Forum-Info: Click here!

NEW version V2 available here .

The BUCK constant current power supplies also kown as step down converters are charachterized by high operating ranges that are not subject to the number of connected illuminants (LEDs). Example: You can run a BUCK driver with 30V but with only one LEDs on the output side. The BUCK adjusts the volatge very efficiant and avoid overheating by autom. shut down to save the components. This is why we are able to over this product for low prices because we can use FR4 PCB material instead of aluminium.

A further main advantage is the PWM capability (Pulse-Width Modulation). The BUCK is compatible to controllers using common anode and has to be connected parallel to the RGB controller. The +/- outputs of the controller provide the PWM signal for seperate inputs on the BUCK PCB. This is a very easy way the run even big application most efficiently and cost saving. The above linked diagram shows the connection in detail.

Converting and quality are on highest levels. The very slim product style of only 15mm makes it perfect to fit in most LED profiles/tubes, torch housing and many more. Connecting is vey easy too because the 4 big soldering pads are clearly defined by inscriptions. Please read below the further features of this powerful little helper.

Techical data:

- Input: 7-30V DC (max.)
- Output: 1000mA constant

- PCB isolated by protective laquer
- Can be glued to other surfaces
- Input short circuit protection
- Output short circuit protection
- Autom. shut down to avoid overheating
- Operating Temp: ~50°C over ambient temp.

If you have any questions please contact our support.

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