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    Passive Kühlkörper   >   44mm massive heat sink

44mm massive heat sink

in addaption with high power LED technics

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from 1 4,16 € 4,83 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color black
Outer diameter 44.0mm
Height 35.0mm
Unit min. typ. max.


This massive aluminium cooling element offers adequate heat conduction for your own applications with common high power LEDs.

It has a 3mm center drill hole to be mounted to LED circuit board LT-663 and it has two further 3mm drill holes beside the center drill hole to screw star LEDs on top or to pass through possible connection cables the the rear side.

Please find below the inovations of the new version:

- Aluminium with better heat conductance value
- Complex surface treatment and anodized surface
- More surface area because of 8 cooling fins (instead of formely 6)
- With 35mm exactly 1cm shorter than the old version but more efficiant
- 3x 3mm drill holes for more design flexibility
- Deeper notches on the edge for taller optices with longer stand-offs
- 2 instead of formerly only 1 side notch for passing cables to the back side

Weight: 100g

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