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COMPACT-Connection terminal WAGO 221-2411

Connection terminal 2 x 0.14-4.0 mm²

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color orange
Height 8.9mm
Width 8.1mm
Length 35.5mm
Unit min. typ. max.


Electrical data

Ratings per: EN 60664
Rated voltage (II / 2) [V]: 450 V
Rated impulse voltage (II / 2) [kV]: 4 kV
Rated current [A]: 32 A
Legend (ratings): (II / 2) ≙ Overvoltage category II / Pollution degree 2
Type of wiring: Side-entry wiring

Connection data

Total number of connection points: 2
Total number of potentials: 1
Connection technology: CAGE CLAMP®
Actuation type: actuating lever
Connectable conductor materials: Copper
Solid conductor: 0,2 … 4 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
Strip length: 11 mm / 0.43 Inch

Geometric data   

Width: 8.1 mm / 0.516 inch
Height: 8.9 mm / 0.327 inch
Depth: 35.5 mm / 0.732 inch

Material data   

Color: transparent
Cover color: orange
Flammability class per UL94: V2
Weight [g]: 1.6 g

ATTENTION: Observe operating instructions, danger to life and limb!

1. To be used by qualified personnel only!
2. Do not touch whilst live!
3. Do not use products for purposes other than those for which it is intended!
4. Observe the relevant regulatiuons!
5. Observe products technical data!
6. Do not use damaged products!
7. Observe stripped length!
8. Use original accessories only!
9. Insert conductor up to the stop!

Forward only with installation instructions!

Delivery time

Deliveries within Germany take 2-3 days beginning after receipt of payment, for deliveries to invoice beginning with the shipment, for deliveries to cash on delivery beginning with receipt of order. Payments and incoming orders beyond our business hours let the delivery time begin with the next workday. For deliveries to other EU countries the delivery time may be extended up to 3 weeks. The delivery time is subject to the proper delivery of the logistics company, as far as delivery delays are not caused by us. The validity of the above delivery times requires the availability of the ordered goods from stock at the time the delivery time is beginning.