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Butterfly X-Upgrade 630nm

for individual adaptation of the spectrum


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from 1 15,88 € 18,90 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color red
Unit min. typ. max.
Lumen 139lm 453lm 874lm
PPF 3.83µMol/s 13.03µMol/s 29.43µMol/s
Wavelength 630nm
Voltage 15.07V 16.55V 18.89V
Current 100mA 350mA 1000mA


Datasheet 1.16 MB
RoHS 444.37 KB
REACH 303.65 KB
Chemical Compatibility 723.42 KB

Product video


Butterfly X-Upgrade 630nm

Booster series for the SYSTEM150 butterfly modules.

The X-Upgrade modules can be easily adapted to the butterfly boards in order to adapt the spectrum individually to the needs.

Simple feed without soldering! The stripped conductor is simply inserted into the terminal point as far as it will go and automatically and securely clamped. Please use rigid and stripped cables.

The advantages at a glance:

- Easy installation
- Can be arranged individually
- constant current operation
- 8x high-power LEDs per board
- Quick and easy handling thanks to the plug-in system
- Solderless circuit board with sockets for rigid cables (0.2 - 0.75 mm²).
- No heat sink @ 700mA in connection with a SYSTEM150 butterfly module

Connected in series with the SYSTEM150 butterfly modules, up to 700mA is possible without an additional heat sink. In our test (ambient temperature ~ 25 ° C) the boards reached a temperature of ~ 52 ° C (outdoor area) to ~ 58 ° C (X upgrade). see gallery picture. 

Current Voltage Power
0.100 A 15.07 V 1.51 W
0.350 A 16.55 V 5.79 W
0.700 A 17.98 V 12.59 W
1.000 A 18.89 V 18.89 W
Current Lumen Lumen/W
0.100 A 139 lm 92.05 lm/W
0.350 A 453 lm 78.24 lm/W
0.700 A 780 lm 61.95 lm/W
1.000 A 874 lm 46.27 lm/W
Current µMol/s µMol/joule
0.100 A 3.83 2.54
0.350 A 13.03 2.25
0.700 A 23.94 1.90
1.000 A 29.43 1.56

The values shown in the table are averages of the 630nm modules

Scope of delivery:

1x Butterfly X-Upgrade module 630nm
1x heat conductive pad (reuseable)
5x LT-3778 SYSTEM lens screw M4x5
5x LT-3797 SYSTEM hex-nut (M4)

Delivery time

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