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    Gleichrichter & Z-Dioden   >   Zener / Breakdown Diode 0.4 Watt (16V)

Zener / Breakdown Diode 0.4 Watt (16V)

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 16.0V


This silicium semiconductor diode named Z diode is used in reverse-biasing. It works like a standard diode in conducting direction but becomes low resistance itself when the mentioned working voltage (the Zener voltage) is reached. From this voltage on the current increases abruptly. This effect named Zener effect is caused by an electrical field that frees electrons from there crystal bindings.

The very large conductance of the diode after this effect makes rationing of electricity neccessary or the Z diode will be destroyed. The maximum current to flow through the Z diode can be drawn by a series resitant RV (Drawing 1) which can be calculated as shown on the left side.

Formula 2 shows the calculation of the minimum current Iz min of the diode.

Formula 3 shows the calculation of the maximum current Iz max of the diode.

Please do not hesitate to contact our technical support for further information.

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