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SYSTEM250 SSL 120 deep blue module

CC module | Plug&Grow module with 12 Osram GD CSSPM1.14


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Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color royal-blue
Housing Color silver
Beam 120°
Height 5mm
Width 30mm
Length 285mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Radiantflux 8390mW 15370mW 20230mW
PPF 31.49µMol/s 57.57µMol/s 75.91µMol/s
Wavelength 451nm
Voltage 35.70V 37.28V 38.16V
Current 350mA 700mA 1000mA


SYSTEM250 module assembled with 12 OSRAM SSL120 LEDs in deep blue.

- ATTENTION! For use with constant CURRENT only!
- Extension module for SYSTEM250 frame

Scope of delivery:
- 1x SYSTEM250 LED module
- 2x SYSTEM sliding block (M4)
- 2x SYSTEM screw (M4)
- 4x SYSTEM transparent flat washer

We distinguish the SYSTEM modules between CC and CV modules. Please note the product subtitle.

  • CC module = Constant Current
  • CV module = Constant Voltage
  • What is the new SYSTEM150/SYSTEM250 made by LED-TECH.DE?

    SYSTEM150/SYSTEM250 in an innovative illumination concept for easily designing own modular LED lighting solutions for almost every field of application. The modular construction system is very easy to use, to adapt it to the own needs and to install.

    The LED modules of SYSTEM150 (15cm) are driven on constant CURRENT (exceptions are the Nightlight modules on constant VOLTAGE base). The SYSTEM250 (25cm) are based on constant VOLTAGE use (exceptions are the ZEUS modules and Plug&Grow V2 on constant CURRENT base).

    SYSTEM150/SYSTEM250 offers a maximum of flexibility on highest level because of newest and selected well known brand LEDs (like OSRAM). Components kann be adapted later, too or being removed or positioned in a new ay. Whatever you like.

    The voluminous range of supply parts gets constantly enlarged and optimized. Project safety: Each single component can be bought later as a replacement or adaption part, too.

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