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PowerLine Constant Current Power Supply (1400mA, 30V)

High quality linear low drop power supply


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from 1 12,52 € 14,90 €
from 10 11,68 € 13,90 €
from 25 10,84 € 12,90 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color black
Height 21mm
Width 33mm
Length 63mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 30V
Current 1400mA


New Low-Drop Version!

The linear PowerLine constant current power supplies are charachterized by high operating ranges. If you do not know exactly what the sence of those power supllies is pleas eread the following lines:

Even high power LED application can only guaranty 100% of the LEDs lifetime if the illuminants get a constant curent supply. You have the possibility to use a constant current power supply with a step-down converter that come sin a very small housing.

The other possibility is to use a linear constant current power supply. It is a little bigger than a step-down converter because of its necessary cooling element but it is not too big as the beside mentioned gallery foto shows.

SLIM verions: The PowerLine constant current power supplies are available without cooling elements, too.

Converting and quality are on highest levels. Connecting is vey easy too because the clamps are clearly defined by inscriptions. Please read below the further features of this powerful little helper.

Techical data:

- Drop voltage: 1V
- Input: 30V DC (max.)
- Output: 1400mA constant

- Input short circuit protection
- Output short circuit protection
- Cooling element electrical isolated!
- Autom. current reduktion if too much heat!
- Operating Temp: ~50°C over ambient temp.
- Max. input voltage: 22V over LED voltage

- 2 mounting eyes
- Dimesnions (W/H/D): 33 x 21 x 63 mm

Example 1:
You are going to connect three white Luxeon LEDs with 3,42 forward voltage each (mostly mentioned as Vf in common datasheets). The input voltage can change from 11,26V (3,42 + 3,42 + 3,42 + 1,0) till 30,0V (11,26 + 22,0). A 12V or 24V power supply could be used with this application.

Example 2:
You are goint to connect one red Luxeon LED (2,85V). The input voltage can change from 3,85V (2,85 + 1,0) till 25,85V (3,85 + 22,0). In that case a 12V or 24V power supply would be suitable.

If you have any questions please send us an email.

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