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MultiLine Stripe PCB 33cm for 33 Superflux LEDs

The all-round PCB for superflux LEDs

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Technical Data

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The new extra slim MultiLine stripe PCBs gives a maximum of flexibility to the user. Mounting, choice of the (trough hole and SMD LEDs) illuminants and packaging are fully flexible and changeable. Please read below about

the technical data:

- LED quantity: 33x
- Material: FR4 (1.5mm)
- Dimensions: 330x10mm
- Made of 11x 3cm modules
- Shortenable after each 3cm module
- Potential-free backside
- Black top color (reseller useable)
- Each module has its own 2 connection pads on each side
- Max. alignment @ 20-30mA LEDs: 20x stripes (with 1 power input)

the concept:

Task: To create a full circuit board system that lives up to the expectations of usability and multifunctionality. This is what we wanted:

- Different LEDs closeness possible! It is your choice to mount 1, 2 or all 3 LEDs per module
- SMD and through hole resistors possible
- Extendable module system, modules with constant LED intervals for homogeneous lighting
- Maximum number of possible shortenings at different lengths
- Dimensions well choosen in the face of available shelf systems
- Maximum number of LEDs for a homogeneous lighting already at small distances
- Useable with most common superflux LEDs
- Potential-free on the back side for direct mounting on metal surfaces without further isolation
- Flexible mounting possibilities for the whole circuit board AND each element itself
- Emotive design / reseller usability

the dimensions:

The circuit boards have a standart length of 33cm and a width of 1cm. Why? The width of 1cm gives you the possibilty to use the boards in many common mounting profiles. The length of 33cm was choosen to ease the use of the boards with metric norm lamp systems.

For example: If you would like to make a filigree LED module of 1m the total length of the boards would be 99cm (3x 33) which gives you the neccessary space for end caps on each side. Former circuit boards had to be shortened very laborious and the soldering connection pads were ofter killed on both end!

the shortening and extension possibilities:

You can not only realize the standart lengths of 33cm of course, no, you now have the free choise: The 33cm modules consist of ten 3cm segments for 1-3 LEDs each. The board can be shortened at rated break points between each segment to create alternatively modules of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 or 30cm length!

Never fear exceptional cases anymore:

1) Special dimensions: If your application shall have an exact length of 40cm for example this will be no problem. Just take a standart 33cm module and two pieces of 3cm segements of another one and fix them.

2) A question of money: If you application need a 30cm stripe for example but the budget only allows a minimum of LEDs this problem can be solved. Just take a 33cm module shorten it by one element and only use every other segment. The not required segements can be connected through very easily.

3) Special design parts and custom parts: Some applications need a special kind of light. You can now realize nearly every wish of your customers like a white-yellow-version for warm-white lighting, a rainbow-version with all colors for commercial use or maybe blue-white-versions for the next october fest.

the lighting solutions:

To grant 100% of flexibility to the user we now make a special offer: Get your own custom-made circuit baord(s) in special lengths and quantities already mounted with your wished LED. If you are interested please send an email with a detailled project description and the estimated quantity to our support. Never fear: We also produce low quantities for pilot-run series or private projects.


We hope that the above mentioned examples gave a little insight in the flexibility of the whole MultiLine Stripe PCB System. If your project has other requirements please do not hesitate to contact us regardless how unusual or crazy it might be. We have a pool of over 600 layouts we can choose from or can even create, produce, mount an deliver a new (proprietary) design for you.

Delivery time

Deliveries within Germany take 2-3 days beginning after receipt of payment, for deliveries to invoice beginning with the shipment, for deliveries to cash on delivery beginning with receipt of order. Payments and incoming orders beyond our business hours let the delivery time begin with the next workday. For deliveries to other EU countries the delivery time may be extended up to 3 weeks. The delivery time is subject to the proper delivery of the logistics company, as far as delivery delays are not caused by us. The validity of the above delivery times requires the availability of the ordered goods from stock at the time the delivery time is beginning.