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MultiLine RGB Mini Controller V2.0

SMD module with 0.8A per channel!

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color black
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 7V 24V


New upgrade version with 800mA/channel!

We have re-designed our smallest RGB controller. For using high power LEDs 500mA were not adequate in every case. The new version 2.0 can now drive LEDs up to 800mA per channel. The module has the same dimensions as its forerunner.

The new module comes on a black PCB instead of green now and can also be driven in two different modes that can be changed by setting a little soldering bridge on the PCB:

A) The onboard potentiometer adjusts the fading times between two colors. This kind of fading is used by most of the common controllers and is the standart setting of this controller.

New B) The potentiometer can adjusts the durability of colors which leads to less intensiv fading (mixed) colors. The fading sequence to the next color is done in a fixed time of 1-2 seconds and the main focus is set on HOLDING a color. A very nice effect.

Technical data:

- Ready-to-use SMD PCB
- Input: 7–24V
- Charging rate (without charge): 20mA
- Time interval (1 flow path): 5 sec. up to 7min. (adjustable)
- Output current: 800mA per channel
- Dimensions: 40x26mm
- Uses common ANODE (Plus)

Completely new in version 2.0:

- Wrong polarity protecion on input side
- Wrong polarity protection on output side
- Mounting hole (can also be glued)
- 2 operation modes
- Fading now also include WHITE mixed color
- hardware transparency for max. flexibility (read below)

Controller data:

- Controller: ATMEGA48
- Takt: 8MHz (internal resonator, internal reset)
- PWM channel RED: PD6
- PWM channel GREEN: PB1
- PWM channel BLUE: PB2
- Start-Stop-Pause-Button: PC0 (after GND, internal PullUp)
- Speed-Potentiometer: ADC7

Hardware transparency:

The bottom side of the module shows 8 record pads. Interested users with hardware for programming and flashing the IC with own software (BASCOM code) can use these pads for acces. The 8 pads are connected as follows:
2. VCC
3. SCK
5. RST
6. GND
7.+8. not used

When the module is stopped at a special color and gets switched off it will show the same color when switched on again. The same effect appear when the module was in fading mode.

Delivery time

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