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MultiLine Circuit Board for 1-3x LEDs

Amount Netto Brutto
from 1 3,32 € 3,95 €
from 10 3,07 € 3,65 €
from 50 2,90 € 3,45 €
from 100 2,48 € 2,95 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color silver
Outer diameter 44.0mm
Height 1.65mm
Unit min. typ. max.


New version: Multifunctional and useable with RGB!

This PCB is perfect for 3 LEDs in series connection or parallel use. Made for most common emitters of CREE, SEOUL, LUXEON or others manufacturers.

Below you can read a short introduction to this new and enhanced PCB version. Please also have a look at the picture gallery that refer to the following text:

Pic 1: The 3 LED pads became bigger. The new pads are useable with Seoul P4 and Cree emiiters, too.

Pic 2: The three bigger drill holes at the border are still used for the tripple replacement lenses from Fraen.

Pic 3: The four smaller drill holes arround the LED pads are used for the Carclo lense holder system for the choosen emitter. This makes you able to give a different viewing angle to each LED (Pic 4)!

Pic 5: The small nothes at the PCB border are used for a better cable alignment to back of the application. No more cable chaos!

Pic 6: This new version has seperate plus/minus pads beside each LED pad. This was done especially for RGB applications where you formerly had to solder the contact cables directly to the LED. Now you can use these additional pads for a better look and less stress for the LED.

Pic 7: The PCB can be used with common anode, common cathode (Pic 8) or in 6pole design (Pic 9) because of its inner circle track. You can choose the mode it runs but do not forget to interrupt the circuit pathes between the LEDs because you still would have a series connection that could cause faults.

Pic 10: Example of different emitter samples on the PCB.

A circuit board for every application!

The PCB also has a 3mm drill hole in the center that allows you to mount it in you application or to screw a cooler behind. Please always use heat conductive glue or paste. The PCB is potential free at the back side.

Heat conduction: 1.0-1.5W/mK

If you have any questions regarding this product please do not hesitate to ask our support.

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