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    3mm LEDs   >   Low Current LED

Low Current LED

Useable at 2mA!

Amount Netto Brutto
from 1 0,15 € 0,18 €
from 50 0,13 € 0,16 €
from 100 0,12 € 0,14 €
from 250 0,10 € 0,12 €
from 500 0,08 € 0,10 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color green
Housing Color diffused
Outer diameter 3mm
Beam 40°
Unit min. typ. max.
Millicandela 30mcd
Wavelength 568nm
Voltage 2.2V 2.5V
Current 2mA


For extra energy saving applications. Low current LEDs need only 1-2mA to emitt light. This is a new and exciting possibility for every designer to keep the energy management as low as possible.

Even very usefull for applications that run on batteries or accumulators for long life- and light times of the whole application. Of corse low current LEDs are not as bright as ultrabright diodes but they serve their purpose very well at very good quality and price.

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