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LedStyles L!VE FunnyMatrix64

UVP 14,90 €

Amount Netto Brutto
from 1 8,32 € 9,90 €
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Target country of delivery


Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color red/yellow/green
Height 25mm
Width 60mm
Length 60mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 9V 12V
Current 160mA 180mA


LedStyles L!VE Campaign No. 6

FunnyMatrix64 ist an animated dotmatrix with 8x8 dots. The controller PCB is placed behind and contains 8 nice effects.

FunnyMatrix64 gets delivered as a construction kit and is available with LED lighting colors red, green and yellow. The delivered color is depending on the stock situation but we will always try to meet your fevourite color.

The kit is run on 9-12V which makes is perfect for use with batteries. FM64 is cascadable which means that you can combine them to a cluster of many matrixes of maybe multiple colors.

The lighting effects are switched via the backside button. If you want to combine more than one matrix we have also placed duplicated switch connection pads to the edge of the PCB. Those can be used to solder a cable to each PCB and to connect it to a central switch to control ALL matrixes with ONE switch.

The kit includes an assembly diagram as well as a parts list.


Q: Can I mount other matrixes?
A: Yes but please only use 8x8 dotmatrixes with common anode.

Q: Do I have to use the IC socket?
A: No but if a software update is possibly released only based IC can be removed without damage. So it is an advantage to use it.

Q: What is LedStyles?
A: LedStyles is the support forum of LED-TECH.de. LedStyles L!VE is a helping way to give some experience with electronic components to the user. The LedStyles L!VE construction kits can also be granted for FREE. Read more in our forum.

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