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LedStyles CUBE² PCB

The new 3D LED-PCB puzzle

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The new 3D LED puzzle from LedStyles.de

What are the CUBE² PCBs for?

The CUBE² PCBs have been developed as an alternative to the standart CUBE PCBs. The difference is that the CUBE² are made for use with high power emitters and the standart CUBE PCBs for use with through hole LEDs.

What is the CUBE?

A Cube consists of at least 6 PCBs but it can be more if the user likes. It does not have to be a cube to be build from the PCBs. It can be every 3D Objekt you like. The PCBs are designed for 3mm, 5mm, Superflux and SMD LEDs.

The PCBs are useable from both sides to provide a large number of possible creations. Each side has minature drill holes for power input and mounting. We recommend to use magnet wire.

The concept:

The corners and borders are designed very well to fit exactly together to give more structural integrity to the whole object. Also known as Cuby PCBs they are perfect for creating own 3D forms like

- different cube objects
- 3D objects
- Surfaces and scriptings

and much more. The only border is your own fantasy.

The family:

Untill now there a different CUBE circuit boards available that have all the same look (corporate design) and extend each others features in different ways. Currently the following PCBs are available:

- squared CUBE PCBs for squares, rectangles and cubes
- triangle TRIPLEX PCBs for triangle and pyramide designs
- 1/4circle EDGE PCBs for circles

The community:

Originally made as a gimmick for the LedStyles.de community the PCBs can be bought through our webshop, too. We only offer ONE price not depending on the quantity.

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