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LUGA COB Horticulture LEAF GEN. 7


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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color white
Beam 120°
Height 1.7mm
Width 28.0mm
Length 28.0mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Lumen 1205lm 3365lm 6045lm
PPF 25.4µMol/s 70.4µMol/s 125.8µMol/s
CRI 57
Voltage 31.8V 34.1V 36.4V
Current 350mA 1050mA 2100mA


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LUGA COB Horticulture LED modules for plant breeding

  • Highly efficient COB technology
  • Optimated light spectrum for vegetative (LEAF) & generative (BLOOM) growth
  • very long life
  • high photon flux: up to 125 μmol/s
  • high photon efficiency: up to 2.3 μmol/J

Recommendation for plants and vegetables, which should have an optimized vegetative growth. Due to the increased spectral components in the infrared (> 700nm) as well as in the green (500-560nm) spectral range, the growth in length of plants or vegetables can be positively influenced. The resulting, only slightly pink, full spectrum (white light with a color rendering> 80), also shows an improved compatibility for the employees in the lighting solution environment.

Typical applications:

- Greenhouses
- research facilities
- Toplighting
- Radiator systems
- Replacement for HPS / MH

Handling of LUGA Modules

Ceramic material is fragile. Therefore the modules must be handled wiwth care! The modules can be damaged by falling on ground, for example. Do not handle LED modules as bulk cargo.

Phosphor cover is sensitive to any mechanical stress. So do not apply any pressure on illumination surface.

Products equipped with adhesive transfer tape must only be applied to dry and clean surfaces that are free from grease, oil, silicone or other soiling.

Observer the Safty, Assembly and Handling Information of the manufacturer Vossloh-Schwabe.

Delivery time

Deliveries within Germany take 2-3 days beginning after receipt of payment, for deliveries to invoice beginning with the shipment, for deliveries to cash on delivery beginning with receipt of order. Payments and incoming orders beyond our business hours let the delivery time begin with the next workday. For deliveries to other EU countries the delivery time may be extended up to 3 weeks. The delivery time is subject to the proper delivery of the logistics company, as far as delivery delays are not caused by us. The validity of the above delivery times requires the availability of the ordered goods from stock at the time the delivery time is beginning.