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Part Number: LT-1750   
3 x CREE XM-L T3 on round PCB
3x Cree XMLAWT-0000LT30E7 auf Rundplatine

Diameter: 34.0
Viewing Angle: 125°
Height: 6.0 mm
Emitting Color: warm white
Housing Color: white
Lumen min.: 660
Lumen max.: 2340
Kelvin typ.: 3300
mA min.: 700 mA
mA test.: 700 mA
mA typ.: 700 mA
mA max.: 3000 mA
V min.: 8,7 V
V typ.: 8,7 V
V max.: 12 V
Watt: 6,09 W
Datasheet: Click here!
Binning & Labeling: Click here!

The new Cree XLamp XM-L in warm-white on round PCB!

The aluminium PCB has been designed as small as possible to fit into a wide range of applications. The PCB is designed to be connected to the Ledil CUTE-3 optics which also fit into MR11 downlight for example because of their 35mm diameter. The PCBs have a new center hole as well as notches at the edge to forward possible connection cables to the back side very easily.

he XLamp XM-L LED is the industry’s highest performance, single-die white lighting-class LED. XLamp XM-L is 20% more efficient than XLamp XP-G at the same current, and can deliver 1000 lumens with 100 lumens per Watt efficacy. The XLamp XM-L LED offers Cree’s industry-leading features: wide viewing angle, symmetrical package, unlimited floor life and electrically neutral thermal path.

XLamp XM-L LEDs can enable LED light into new applications that require tens of thousands of lumens, such as high bay and high-output area lighting. XM-L is also the ideal choice for lighting applications where high light output and maximum efficacy are required, such as LED light bulbs, outdoor lighting, portable lighting, indoor lighting and solar-powered lighting.

Successful usage of high power LEDs:

Heat management

Applications with high power LEDs need enduring, adequate and plane heat conduction from the first moment of use. It is very important and neccessary to get the heat off the devices to ensure the maximum light output, lifetime and efficiancy.

Drive management

LEDs should be run with a constant current in addition to the manufacturers recommendations. To ensure this we recommend to take constant current power supplies because resistors are always a risk factor in high power LED applications.

EMC protection

LEDs are sensitive against heat and electric charge. Please avoid any kind of short circuits or electric discharge to the illuminant. The chip can be damaged or even destroyed.

Storage / JEDEC level

The storage temperature should be from -30°C up to + 80°C in dry ambience. After opening a sealed bag the content should be mounted rapidly. Once absorbed humidity can be removed by tempering the LEDs in some cases. More information can be found in the manufacturers datasheets or on the manufacturer homepages.

Soldering conditions

Each LED has its own soldering conditions that the user should pay attention to. After the launched lead free processing specifications many standarts have changed. Information about recommended soldering can be found in the manufacturers datasheets or on the manufacturer homepages.

Resistor for 5V-Betrieb: ---
Resistor for 9V-Betrieb: --- / 0.21 W
Resistor for 12V-Betrieb: 5 Ohm / 2.31 W
Resistor for 14V-Betrieb: 8 Ohm / 3.71 W

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1 - 99 24,90 €
ab 100 Special price
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