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Fischer-Elektronik - Heat Conductive Glue 5 Gramm

Two-component epoxy-based adhesive.

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The main properties are high thermal conductivity, large electrical resistance. The thermal adhesive glues porous and non-porous surfaces of metals, glass, ceramics and almost all plastics.

Technical specifications
• 5 g binder / 0.5 g hardener
• Thermal expansion coefficient: 8,5'10-6 / ° C
• Specific throughput resistance: 1016 Ohm / cm
• Electrical breakdown strength: approx. 15 kV / mm
• Thermal conductivity: 0.836 W / mK
• Temperature range: -56 ° C ... approx. + 150 ° C

Processing conditions:
• Room temperature approx. 21 ° C and relative humidity approx. 40-50%.
• Mixing ratio of epoxy to hardener is 10: 1 by weight.
• Mix both components thoroughly (approx. 5 min stirring time).
• Surfaces of the parts to be bonded should be free from oxides, dust and grease.
• Alcohols are not suitable for cleaning!
• Roughened surfaces improve adhesive adhesion.
• Glue and paste both surfaces to be joined.
• Processing time is approx. 45 minutes (so-called pot time).

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions (Fischer Elektronik).

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