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DIY-240W-KIT 2x 308 XT with LM301B in 3500K 54x58cm

CC modules*


UVP 299,00 €

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from 1 193,19 € 229,90 €
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Light color warm-white
Beam 120°
Width 540mm
Length 580mm
Dimmable YES
Unit min. typ. max.
Lumen 6010lm 23428lm 55266lm
PPF 82.83µMol/s 322.15µMol/s 758.96µMol/s
Kelvin 3500K
CRI 80
Voltage 36.82V 38.28V 39.97V
Current 700mA 2800mA 7000mA


RoHS 444.37 KB
REACH 303.65 KB
Chemical Compatibility 723.42 KB
PPFD-Heatmap HOMEbox Ambient Q 060+ 694.52 KB


Back in stock again!

The DIY 240W KITs make every grower's heart beat faster! Equipped with two highly efficient 308 XT boards, these KITs are ideal for indoor grow areas for plants with strong to very strong light requirements. Each 308 board is equipped with 308 LM301B/H LEDs of the SAMSUNG brand and reaches over 220lm/W depending on the version.

With this kit we deliver all the components required to build a highly efficient LED application. You don't need any other components for operation such as order power supplies, dimmers or cables. The comfortable and very detailed online assembly instructions help you step by step when assembling the kit and is therefore easy to understand even for inexperienced users.

Scope of delivery:

  • 02x LT-2951 SYSTEM Profile 50cm (20x20)
  • 01x LT-3790 SYSTEM Profile 50cm (40x20)
  • 02x LT-4162 SYSTEM Profile 58cm (20x20)
  • 08x LT-2956 SYSTEM Profile 90° Bracket Set (black)
  • 04x LT-2957 SYSTEM profile end cap 20x20 (black)
  • 01x LT-3009 Angle hex screwdriver 3mm

  • 04x LT-3697 SYSTEM mounting set for carabiner
  • 02x LT-3638 Garden Highpro Prohanger

  • 02x 308 XT High-Performance PCB
  • 08x LT-2955 SYSTEM Slot Nut (M4)
  • 08x LT-3000 SYSTEM screw M4x9
  • 12x LT-3001 SYSTEM Flat Washer (Transparent)
  • 02x LT-3365 SYSTEM 10cm Inputcable with connector (male) and shrink sleeve
  • 02x LT-3366 SYSTEM 10cm Inputcable with connector (female) and shrink sleeve
  • 01x LT-3538 Angle hex screwdriver 2.5mm

  • 01x LT-3992 Power Supply MeanWell ELG-240-42AB-3Y
  • 01x LT-3809 SYSTEM250 adapter plate for power supply HLG/ELG series
  • 01x Safety plug connection cable 230V for power supplies (black or white)
  • 01x LT-3813 Cable connector, 10 cm, IP68
  • 02x LT-3307 COMPACT-Connection terminal WAGO 221-413
  • 01x LT-4686 SYSTEM box KIT for 2x Wago connection terminal 221-413 in black
  • 02x LT-4778 SYSTEM 20cm Inputcable with connector (red/black)
  • 02x LT-4766 SYSTEM 3D Cable tie block KIT

  • 01x LT-5681 MeanWell power supply dimmer 100K (short)
  • 01x LT-4702 SYSTEM 3D adapter for dimmer black
  • 01x LT-4697 SYSTEM poti rotary knob black/yellow 3D
  • 01x LT-3972 Angle hex screwdriver 2mm

  • 01x LT-3157 Fixpoint - Small wire cutter

  • Assembly instruction


    Mount brackets 30 min.
    Install mounting sets for carabiner 10 min.
    Mount profile end cap 2 min.
    Mount power supply (ELG+HLG 150/240) and adapter plate 15 min.
    Mounting connector (2x3) box 10 min.
    Mount XT Boards 10 min.
    Connecting safety plug connection cable 10 min.
    Connecting dimmer 10 min.
    Hang up the grow light 5 min.
    Operate the light 1 min.

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