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    Bluetooth   >   CASAMBI Lighting Control via Bluetooth (CBU-ASD)

CASAMBI Lighting Control via Bluetooth (CBU-ASD)


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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color white
Height 22.3mm
Width 35.8mm
Length 56.5mm
Unit min. typ. max.


Datasheet 163.37 KB
App-User-Guide 2.89 MB


CBU-ASD is a wireless control unit for LED and halogen drivers with 0-10V, 1-10V or DALI dimming interface. The control output can be configured either as analog 0-10V (and 1-10V) or digital Standalone DALI control interface.

When the output is configured as Standalone DALI1, CBU-ASD acts both as a controller and as a power supply making it possible to connect directly to an LED driver with DALI interface without the need for an external DALI power supply. This so called Standalone DALI makes it possible to implement multi-channel lighting systems with adjustable color (RGB) or color temperature, while keeping the wiring and number of components at their minimum.

CBU-ASD is controlled wirelessly with Casambi smartphone and tablet applications using Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Devices form automatically a secure wireless mesh network so that a large number of xtures can be controlled from any point. No external gateway module is needed. CBU-ASD can be controlled also from a standard on/o wall switches.


  - Wirelessly controllable
  - No need for an external gateway device
  - Forms a fast wireless mesh network
  - Very small form factor for luminaire installation
  - Configurable analogue / digital output
  - Analog output: 0-10V sinking / sourcing
  - Digital output: Standalone DALI
  - Easily implemented RGB and color temperature controls
  - Controllable switched mains output
  - Dimming from standard on / off wall switches
  - Device firmware can be updated over-the-air
  - Casambi cloud service enhances user experience


Input 220-240 VAC 50 Hz

0,6 A

Mains Output 220-240 VAC 50 HZ

SSR on phase line

0-10 V Output 0-10 VDC


Protection IP20

Built-in Class II


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