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50cm Alustripe with 98x Samsung LM301B LEDs 3500k


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Product Datasheet
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Technical Data

Unit Value
Efficiency rating A++
Light color warm-white
Housing Color white
Beam 120°
Height 2.5mm
Width 10.0mm
Length 499.9mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Lumen 1326lm 5416lm 9493lm
PPF 18.389µMol/s 75.156µMol/s 132.047µMol/s
Kelvin 3500K
Voltage 18.62V 19.60V 20.21V
Current 350mA 1500mA 2800mA


50cm Alustripe with 98x Samsung LM301B LEDs.

The Samsung LM301B is currently one of the most efficient LEDs on the market and exceeds the 200lm/W limit.

The LEDs are arranged so that the boards can be arbitrarily extended without leaving a gap in the assembly density.

Current Voltage Power
350 mA
18,62 V
6,517 W
700 mA 19,01 V
 1500 mA 19,60 V
29,400 W
 2000 mA 19,88 V
39,760 W
 2800 mA 20,21 V
56,588 W
Current Lumen Lumen/W
350 mA
1326 lm
203 lm/W
 700 mA 2620 lm 196 lm/W
 1500 mA 5416 lm 184 lm/W
 2000 mA 7109 lm 178 lm/W
 2800 mA 9493 lm 167 lm/W
Current µMol/s µMol/joule
350 mA
700 mA 36,344
 1500 mA 75,156
 2000 mA 98,659
 2800 mA

Successful usage of high power LEDs:

Heat management
Applications with high power LEDs need enduring, adequate and plane heat conduction from the first moment of use. It is very important and neccessary to get the heat off the devices to ensure the maximum light output, lifetime and efficiancy.

Drive management
LEDs should be run with a constant current in addition to the manufacturers recommendations. To ensure this we recommend to take constant current power supplies because resistors are always a risk factor in high power LED applications.

EMC protection
LEDs are sensitive against heat and electric charge. Please avoid any kind of short circuits or electric discharge to the illuminant. The chip can be damaged or even destroyed.

Storage / JEDEC level
The storage temperature should be from -30°C up to + 80°C in dry ambience. After opening a sealed bag the content should be mounted rapidly. Once absorbed humidity can be removed by tempering the LEDs in some cases. More information can be found in the manufacturers datasheets or on the manufacturer homepages.

Soldering conditions
Each LED has its own soldering conditions that the user should pay attention to. After the launched lead free processing specifications many standarts have changed. Information about recommended soldering can be found in the manufacturers datasheets or on the manufacturer homepages.

Delivery time

Deliveries within Germany take 2-3 days beginning after receipt of payment, for deliveries to invoice beginning with the shipment, for deliveries to cash on delivery beginning with receipt of order. Payments and incoming orders beyond our business hours let the delivery time begin with the next workday. For deliveries to other EU countries the delivery time may be extended up to 3 weeks. The delivery time is subject to the proper delivery of the logistics company, as far as delivery delays are not caused by us. The validity of the above delivery times requires the availability of the ordered goods from stock at the time the delivery time is beginning.