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36 Channel DMX Receiver

DMX receiver with 36 PWM channels

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Technical Data

Unit Value
Housing Color red
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 7V 30V
Current 20000mA


Datasheet 1.05 MB
DMX Adresses 57.56 KB


The new LED-TECH.DE 36 channel DMX Receiver for big and powerful DMX applications!

With 36 PWM channels and a maximum input current of 20A the new DMX receiver sets new standarts in its class. Bigger applications with bigger need of forward current are no problem anymore. Please also read the user manual.

Fast, simple and uncomplicated!

Because of the easy to use screw terminals and XLR plugs your applications are connected fast and easy without soldering. Ideal for fairs, hotels, bar, stage and show lighting. For easy monitoring each channel has its own onboard status LED. Possible sources of error are located very quickly that way.

Onboard running lights

A further feature are the two different onboard running lights. These can be adjusted in speed and number of active channels.

Overview of features

- Wide input voltage range of 7-30V
- Maximum total forward current: 20A (10A per input terminal)
- Maximum forward current per channel: 5A
- 36 PWM channels (common anode)
- 2 integrated running light effects

Delivery time

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