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Mini Constant Current Power Supply (60mA, bis 38V) with rectifier

SMD version incl. bridge rectifie


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Technical Data

Unit Value
Height 3.0mm
Width 16.0mm
Length 7.5mm
Unit min. typ. max.
Voltage 38V
Current 60mA


2008 Edition with many innovations!

This new and unbelievable small constant current power supply for your LEDs works with the above mentioned output current. The forward voltage is secundary. This garanties a homogeneous brightness through the whole forward voltage range and a maximum lifetime to the connected LEDs.

The usage and operating range:

The usage is really very simple. You only have to check that the minimum input voltage is 3,8V higher than the common LED forward voltages and the maximum input voltage should not be more than 38V above the minimum input voltage. Please also have a look at the below mentioned examples.

What is new?

- Smaller housing for bigger range of applications
- With bridge rectifier to protect from wrong polarity
- Thermal protections: Self adjusting when too hot

Further Data:

- Dimensions: 16.0 x 7.5 x 3.0mm
- Min. output voltage: 3V DC oder 2V AC
- Max. output voltage: 38V DC oder 26V AC
- Max. power consumption: 500mW
- Operating temperature: -25°C up to +125°C
- Input: protection against wrong polarity
- Output: wrong polarity & short circuit protected
- Contacts: Soldering pads
- Drop voltage: 3,8V
- Delivery: Completly mounted & tested

How to connect:

- Input: marked with IN (equal polarity)
- Output: Marked with A/K. A=Anode (+), K=Cathode (-)

Example 1:
You are going to connect 2 LEDs with 3,2 forward voltage each (mostly mentioned as Vf in common datasheets). The input voltage can change from 10,2V (3,2 + 3,2 + 3,8) till 38V (10,2 + 38,0-> 38V = Max. of power supply).

Example 2:
You are goint to connect one white LED (3,5V). The input voltage can change from 7,3V (3,5 + 3,8) till 38V (7,3 + 38,0 -> 38V = Max. of power supply).

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